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  1. da_marketing

    Which International Card do you use?

    Just figured out SBI intl cards have a monthly limit of 50,000 INR ($702) for PayPal transactions (sending, not receiving). Which card(s) do you folks use? I'm looking for suggestions.
  2. da_marketing

    Tools that show outbound links.

    Are there any other tools beside AHREFS that show outbound links from a domain?
  3. da_marketing

    Does Google-translated text pass as unique content?

    Prolly a stupid question 'cuz I've never tested this thing out so far. Does Google consider translated content (Google Translate or some other software) as unique content? Have any of you here had any success with translated text? I'm obviously not talking about unreadable crappy stuff that...
  4. da_marketing

    [Let's Discuss] Are comments dead?

    I'm all for an active community, but from what I've seen thus far, websites with even millions of visits per month are not even getting anywhere close to the number of comments as one would expect. So, what do you think -- are comments really dead?
  5. da_marketing

    What are your favorite custom-built websites?

    Not WordPress. Not Wix. Not any pre-built CMS. What are some of your favorite custom-built websites? It could belong to any category -- informational ones, news sources, etc
  6. da_marketing

    Why is the biggest SEO forum on the internet not talking about this?

    BHW is hands-down one of the biggest forums on the Internet, and there is no questioning that. We talk about pretty much everything from raking top on SERPs to social media marketing. But, one thing that rarely hits the forum topics is Top Stories -- biggest money-maker for publishers. I'm...
  7. da_marketing

    A few questions about moving fwd with expired domains

    Hi fellow black hatters, Bought an expired domain today, and as someone who doesn't have much experience in the expired domain business, I have a couple of question that would like to be answered. Since this is sort of a testing thingy for me, I opted to go for the cheapest domain and hosting...