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  1. jameslarkin

    good suppliers of google ads accounts

    anyone know a good supplier(s) of google ads accounts
  2. jameslarkin

    US VCC: which (virtual credit card) providers don't need id ?

    I'm trying to sign up to an American VCC provider that doesn't require id verification, hopefully, something I can just provide social security number and that's it away i go using a one of their cards
  3. jameslarkin

    Millions of urls - where ?

    where do i find a list (in the millions) of just domains ? at the moment im scraping using scrapebox, but if there is a list some where this would be more efficient
  4. jameslarkin

    Email capture and GDPR

    what is the legal requirement under GDPR in the EU for capturing people's email? For example, i have a form that people fill in for a free marketing review, how do I notify them they are being opted in into an email list and will recieve marketing emails in the future
  5. jameslarkin

    contact form submission spam

    is there a contact form submitter other than scrapebox, im finding that for every 2000 urls scrape box only fills in 20 forms to send a message to the site, i've been doing googles for this but its mostly results helping you protect your site
  6. jameslarkin

    Bulk GMB verification + ranking + in bulk

    how much do you charge for bulk gmb verifications bulk gmb ranking Ideally you are already managing about 50 gmbs and have the infrastructure to take on more 20 gmb verifications 50 gmb verifications 100 gmb verifications 200 gmb verifications 300 gmb verifications 400 gmb verifications How...
  7. jameslarkin

    Best cheap proxies for scraping

    Best cheap proxies for scraping with scrape box, im mainly wanting to use them in scrapebox
  8. jameslarkin

    Unlimited google ads $150 coupons

    I saw a tutorial on youtube on how to get unlimited google ads coupons, then i saw people on fiver selling them for 5$ Can i keep using new coupons on the same ads account Does this effect my sute / ads account, are there any suspensions expected ?
  9. jameslarkin

    Web 2.0 / Parasite (tutorial list)

    About 3 years ago i saw a website that lists Web 2.0 / Parasites, with tutorial on how to get a link on each site. There must have been about 3000 sites in the list and it was growing at the time, categorised etc... anyone know of something like this ? Oor perhaps the site im talking about ...
  10. jameslarkin

    best email outreach for list size=30k ? with tracking ?

    whats the best email outreach for list size=30k ? with tracking ?
  11. jameslarkin

    video interviews, im looking for people

    Could i do a video interview with you, i'm looking to set up video interviews with people who are online marketers, it would form some kind of news letter i would send out in exchange for peoples emails, i have a really nice setup for doing video interviews with lighting and an awesome camera...
  12. jameslarkin

    email delivery rates

    i did my first email using an smtp server, it was getting warmed up prior to email i scraped emails and then verified them in scrapebox i think out of 1300 emails about 300 of them were not delivered or at least thats what hasn't been delivered so far have i done well i have no idea the...
  13. jameslarkin

    script to create free .tk domains

    Do any one have a web script to create .tk websites ?
  14. jameslarkin

    GMB with out a post card ?

    I know one method that is are follows: 1. find a place where people hire out offices, or a space that can be hired on the regular 2. Use a gmail account that has lots of organic activity on the account usually google is letting you get a location with out any postcards being sent out How...
  15. jameslarkin

    using a VA to do engagement

    I wanted to get a VA to post comments on certain hashtags on my Instagram account but i don't want Instagram to know that this is happening, is there a third party app that will allow this to happen ?
  16. jameslarkin

    looking for onsite seo freelancer

    looking for ONSITE SEO to be done; i know how to do all this just i don't have the time
  17. jameslarkin

    should i use a bot to comment / like ?

    should i use a bot to comment / like ? or does this get accounts banned ?
  18. jameslarkin

    how to manage 5x insta on a pc

    how to manage 5x insta on a pc What do i need to stay logged into 5x instagram accounts, and at the same using a proxie on each account ? Im considering using istantproxies for proxies I have seen software that will allow you to log into multiple websites using different tabs with each tab...
  19. jameslarkin

    approx how many followers for you get for a shout out ?

    approx how many followers for you get for a shout out ? i realise this is drastically different in each niche to each person how much did you invest how many followers did they have and how many followers did you get ? or how many emails did you capture
  20. jameslarkin

    instagram : how do i geo target for followers

    I know i can use (#location) andhopefully show up in the explore results page My old method was to find instagram accounts in a geo location and use a bot to follow / unfollow all the users in the accounts but that was a few years ago and now instagram has more protection against this what...