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  1. Yuvalg2

    How should i use my 4.5 years of Web-Developing experience to earn some $$$

    Hey, recently i became a free man without a job, i'm devoting most of my time for myself and things i care about, therefore i prefer not to work "full time" at this time of life. Any ideas how can i use my Web Developing skills to earn money on the side ? *I don't want to do something that...
  2. Yuvalg2

    [crawler help]Does Googlebot prefer Relative URLs over parameters ? content changed by parameters

    He everyone, i have a site in which you can get nutritional value on foods (compare them with one another). Right now the URL is like that : I'm wondering if google crawler will be able to index this page differently from my...
  3. Yuvalg2

    Can I Rank a wordless Web site with no Keywords?

    Hey everyone. i built a website which is a food comparing tool (you enter food names and see nutrition comparison) Link : Now regardless the Title and few word of explanation (and maybe the about page) i have no key-wording on my site. I could write i few article...
  4. Yuvalg2

    [Should I?] Update meta tag title/descript on server side for different foods For better googleIndex

    Hey u all I'm build a Nutrition comparing site : Now i'm wondering for SEO, should i change the meta tags before loading the page if there are some food parameters? for exm : so it will index this...
  5. Yuvalg2

    [Advice needed] Made a new useful Website(A food comparing tool), need ideas for exposure

    Hey everyone :) I'm am a web developer and also an health junkie so i made a tool for comparing food's nutritional value (Minerals, vitamins, amino acids and all that good stuff). I'm not asking you to teach me SEO, i'm reading and will read a lot of information on BTW for that, what i'm asking...
  6. Yuvalg2

    How can i make this video go viral ? need your honest opinion

    Hey my name is Yuval, i started a YouTube channel a month ago in which i do one hours video of me not moving and just staring at the camera while in every video something else happen. this is my channel : UCL570bLsQp-CcmnCZaLFwvA yesterday i uploaded a new video of me just smiling for an hour...
  7. Yuvalg2

    PopAds vs Adsense - why popAds is so shity ?

    So i had ad-sense on my blogger blog and got 3$ per day, than i switched to Pop Ads (My blog has copyrighted material ) and now i'm getting 0.15$. i knew that there my income would be lower but is my numbers normal? does adsense really that better ? LOVELYDAY<3
  8. Yuvalg2

    Will they SUE me ? blogger of online series watching

    hey everyone, a question :p i have a blog on blogger in which i uploade links to online watching. adsense just approved my blog (yesterday) but i just stopped the connection because i realize i am using copyright material and they dont allow that :( but now i'm afirad someone can sue me for...
  9. Yuvalg2

    newbie that has extremely low competition and need a quick ranking

    Hey everyone, so i read some of the general guides about SEO but it is all feel to complex for me, i just don't understand everything this guides talks about . I have a blog about a series in Israel and from what i can tell the competition is super low (searched in Tor browser for specific...
  10. Yuvalg2

    how to force like on page load ?

    EDIT : forget to mention in the title : Facebook Likes hey guys, so i'm trying with no success to force people into liking my Facebook page when entering my website. i do not have a lot of traffic, Just trying to have fun with what i got. But i cannot get inside the html of the facbook like...
  11. Yuvalg2

    Made a Weird/Unique channel called "StaringAtCamera" And dont know how to grow

    Hey Everyone ! My name is Yuval and in about a month ago i made a new YouTube channel that his niche is : ME Staring at my camera for 1 hour While something may happen My channel : youtube .com/ channel/ UCL570bLsQp-CcmnCZaLFwvA Ok ok i know this is weird but hey, it could be something (i...
  12. Yuvalg2

    Just joined, and already want to know everything :)

    Hey everyone, my name is Yuval and i'll be 21 years old this thursday ! After realizing that the content in BHW forums is priceless i decided to join and hopefully learn from you guys while sharing my knowledge as a web developer. so yeah, hey everybody :) also i got my first qustion, i hope...