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  1. MagyarMoney

    Looking for an adult dating site to be built with a content looker

    Good Morning, After the success with my first shopify store with the community here, I am back! What am i trying to achieve; I want to create a niche adult dating site with a content locker. I have the domain ready to go, I need a simple content locker before the page opens the first time, I...
  2. MagyarMoney

    Looking to hire someone to get my shopify store in order

    Hello! I hope perhaps someone can help. I am trying to set up my shopify store and i need someone with a keen eye to add descriptions and get the tags and collections in place, basically I want it neat! (its not my forte If you or someone can help then please let me know, I would like to see...
  3. MagyarMoney

    Hello there!

    Good Evening. I have been viewing this site for far too long, and figured I should make the first step and put myself out there. A bit about me: I was born and raised in the UK. And I now remotely manage a customer care line for a UK country whilst living the expat life in Hungary. I also...
  4. MagyarMoney

    Lookinf for some advise

    Good Afternoon, This is my first question on the forum, please let me know if it needs to go somewhere else or it has already been answered! What I do? - Entrepreneur, with a few small company's What is this post focused on? - My small logistics company, I currently am a booking agent to many...