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  1. hanhcom

    i got scammed today 60$

    Hi everyone, Last nigh i got scammed 60$ through payal. as i sent $ to a guy as friend and familiy, then he disappeared, i call paypal support today and they said they couldnt do anything about this but Suggested me to report to my local police office. i know loosing 60$ is not a big deal. but...
  2. hanhcom

    quesion about Movie cutscenes on youtube?

    i see some channel they upload movie cutsenses and get ton of view and sub. of course i dont think they make money from them, but with a big subscribe and view i think they can make money one way or another. so my question is, how can these channel didnt get terminated by violate youtube rules...
  3. hanhcom

    how to tell youtube channel part of an MCN?

    hello, Now is there any way to check if a youtube channel part of an MCN? i look around an couldnt find anything. thank you
  4. hanhcom

    ask for send mass email solution?

    I have a list of 10k emails and counting. i tried to send mass email to the list aboutt my products and services but got mark spammed by google. is there any cheap but good solution for sending 10k emails/day. couple times a week?? thank you.
  5. hanhcom

    youtube idea need help.

    i have an idea. i will do some news highlight by extract audio from News. then add picture and other thing to it to make video. will they flag me for copy right? i mean the news network like cnn, foxs. thank you
  6. hanhcom

    News niches on youtube question.

    Hi guy, i saw many channel on youtube reup News from fox, cnn and even the whitehouse and they have ton amount of views and many of them have been there for years?? how can they do it without channel got banned? thank you.
  7. hanhcom

    people get arrested by doing porn website.

    Hello everyone. Im from southeast asia. Today 4 guys got arrested by internet police in my country. They made ~180.000$ in one year. Last month another guy get caught also. 2 years ago, a team got caught, they made 6M $ in 3 years. They all made tons of $ by porn website. And i know many many...
  8. hanhcom

    is there a tool to send mass msg to members in forum?

    Hi Everyone, My way of approaching customers to visit my site is i joined some forums and send msg/conversation to other members that may have the interest of my services. i do it manually like i send ~30 msg a day on forum. it doesnt take much time but still take sometimes. So, is there...
  9. hanhcom

    should i quit my job??

    Hell everyone, i have been here on the first day i entered the world of IM which on April 26th this year. i may be lucky with my IM journey. now my income is around 50$/day (~1,500$/month) which is very high in my country. i worked as an IT techinician with fix salary of 500$/month. now im...
  10. hanhcom

    (Ask for help) Making traffic exchange website.

    Hi everyone, i don't know if its a right place to ask. my friend ask me to join his journey to build a traffic exchange website. I don't know if its worth to invest money into this work. i need some advice from Someone who actually done it. What to expect and what is the most difficult thing...
  11. hanhcom

    [Newbie journey] $30/day with blog + website started from 12.8.2016

    Hi everyone, Lets me introduce myself. 33yo - from a 3rd world country. 10 years experiences as IT technician/HelpDesk. 3moths ago i read an article on newspaper about make money online. for some reason i got hooked up and i googled how to make money online.... thats why i got here on BHW...
  12. hanhcom

    What is Internet marketing?

    I have a stupid question to ask. What exactly Internet marketing mean?. sry i am new. :D
  13. hanhcom

    someone sends bad view and sub to my channel. what should i do?

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this is a right place to ask for advice. i am new to youtube (2 .5 months). i noted recently my sub and view increase fast i felt very happy about it. but today my sub drop like 300, another channel drop 200. i did a search and find out someone add my videos to their...
  14. hanhcom

    youtube syndication group on FB

    Hello everyone, I am very new to MMO and youtube in general. Youtube now is extremely difficult for newbie just like me. I just created a youtube syndication group on Fb where we view and comment each other videos. A little boost at the beginning is better than none. this group is quite small...