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  1. Sunmoluvic

    I got scammed, how is this possible

    I created a new wallet on my computer (metamask), i sent in bnb about 11 hours ago, I switched of my computer. Now the bnb sent to the waller has been transferred to another wallet 5 hours ago. How is this even possible. No one has access to my computer or my phrase. The only thing I remember...
  2. Sunmoluvic

    Whixh wordpress form plugin can do this

    I need a wordpress form plugin that can get "current page" url and then add it to the form entries.
  3. Sunmoluvic

    This Instagram story will crash your phone

    This guys is able to create an Instagram story that could crash your phone, most especially iPhones, but some Samsung phones were still able to open it though.
  4. Sunmoluvic

    What's the best method to promote a Token?

    I have a budget of $500-$1000. I want to promote a crypto token. Can anyone suggest me the best promotion method?
  5. Sunmoluvic

    Is this even true?
  6. Sunmoluvic

    Best privacy driven browser

  7. Sunmoluvic

    Promoting Fiverr Gig With Google Ads?

    Is promoting Fiverr gigs with Google ads possible, like using a direct link to my Fiverr gigs. Since it's not an affiliate link, I was thinking it might be possible.
  8. Sunmoluvic

    What is spamdexing?

    What is spamdexing and how does it works, is there any thread on this forum on how to spamdex, I searched but couldn't find any, if you know of anyone, let me know please.
  9. Sunmoluvic

    Does updating a page regularly improve the ranking

    Ok, like the title said, does updating a page regularly improves ranking? Like updating it once a week.
  10. Sunmoluvic

    Please come in if you use Adcombo

    I need this question answered urgently, their support is so slow and it seems they don't work on weekends So I just got into Adcombo, I see two things Landing page and prelanding page for each products. So my question is that, if I downloaded the landing page and install it on my domain, does...
  11. Sunmoluvic

    China, Common!!!

  12. Sunmoluvic

    Can I use new domain for Google ads

    Google ads expert in the room? Is is ok to use a new domain for Google ads without facing any issue? Just curious about it.
  13. Sunmoluvic

    I just watched Tenet

    Seriously, this movie is really confusing, you can't watch it in the cinema and understand it. I had to watch twice to understand the movie, the first time was really confusing, the more you think of it and try to understand It, the more confusing it become. I had to spend close to 7 hours the...
  14. Sunmoluvic

    Is it necessary to add site to GSC to get AdSense approval

    Can an AdSense account be approved even when the site I not on Search Console?, though Google just crawled the site naturally with the help of links for. Other sites
  15. Sunmoluvic

    GPT-3 vs Google Search Algorithm

    I heard gpt-3 was trained with the entire Wikipedia among other things, but think of it, if Google Algorithm is made to write it's own article, It'll be far more better than that of GPT-3 GPT-3 - I was trained the the entire Wikipedia Google Algorithm - I've read the entire Wikipedia and the...
  16. Sunmoluvic

    I'll remove December from my calendar

    Seriously, thing don't always go well during this period, last year, PayPal permanently limited my account with money I was meant to use for Christmas, this year again, money stuck in Paxum. Now nothing to spend this December again, I'll just quit Decembers.
  17. Sunmoluvic

    Will my AdSense account get approved?

    I have this site before, the site got approved by AdSense, but the site doesn't exist any more, but I want to use the article from this site to create a new blog then apply for an AdSense account, the article has been deindexed from Google. My question is if I build a new site with the articles...
  18. Sunmoluvic

    Paxum Closed My Account

    I have been trying to withdraw my funds from Paxum but non of my cards or bank are supported, so I tried Payoneer Virtual Bank. It worked but all of a sudden they closed my account, I don't even know what happened to my money because it has not been processed Has anybody here experienced this...
  19. Sunmoluvic

    Which VIrtual card is supported on Paxum

    Hi, please which VIrtual card works with paxum to withdraw funds, I've tried everything I have, non is working.
  20. Sunmoluvic

    Alternative to Payoneer and transferwise

    I need alternative to both Payoneer and transferwise I need VIrtual Bank Account from any EU/UK country