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    ADULT US/CA Pay Per Call/Adult Phone Chat Line Offer Wanted!

    Hello there! I've been at it for over a week now trying to find an affiliate program for an adult phone chat line for the US or Canada. I've been mailing at least 10+ companies, LiveLinks, FonoChat, Redhotdateline, etc, to no avail. Not a single email response for over a week now. I've also...
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    Keto weight loss offer?

    We need a CPA offer like this urgently. We send up to 100-200K SMS per day. Please contact me. Thank you!
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    Do you have US opt-in mobile numbers?

    I was just wondering if anyone here has access to those. We could try monetizing them together since me and my team send SMS for practically zero cost. We're currently getting thousands of clicks on non opt-ins, so with opt-ins it would be even crazier. Thanks
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    How do I increase click rate on non-opt in/spam SMS?

    My click rate has been hovering at 2%. You guys got some good advice how to increase it? This is 100% non-opt in numbers, so it's random people getting annoying text messages.
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    How do I monetize this?

    I recently discovered a security hole from which I'm getting completely private data from individuals. The data is their mobile phone number, full name name, profession, city and university, so I have a direct communication link to each person (mobile phone), but I have no idea how to use this...