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    [Help] It PayPal holds payment does it apply to all account

    Hello, I have recently started selling on PayPal and after receiving 3 payments totaling ~1k USD, upon the forth payment of ~300 USD the payment was placed on hold for 21 days, the account wasn't limited, just the payment was placed on hold. Now, I am considering switching to my other account...
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    Proxies for mass account creation

    I am seeking a rotating proxy provider for mass account creation, I plan on making massive amounts of accounts and have tried Storm rotating proxies but didn't have very much success with these. Does anyone have a provider they could recommend that they've had success with? So far the only...
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    1400 accounts instantly disabled upon creation

    Something very strange happened just a few minutes prior. I loaded 1,500 accounts into a popular automated account creator software (I won't include the name at the risk of harming the reputation of said program as the problem is definitely not related to the software) using proxies and...
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    Well I've recently crossed paths with a sociopath unbeknownst to me on Instagram. I run a page in the personal niche and a few months back I noticed a particular user was consistently engaging my most active followers, which turned into him copying my picture, same pose, clothes, smoking the...