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  1. Mymusic

    Need virtual card which can work on Paypal or Fiverr

    Hello, I am from India and I have a Fiverr account. I want to create multiple fiverr accounts to give reviews to my main seller's account. I can easily make a Fiverr account of any country by using a VPN but I can not use Indian cards on Fiverr while placing the order for my main gig. They...
  2. Mymusic

    Fiverr transaction got hold by my frined

    Hello BHW, I have started Fiverr in Feb 2021 and doing great now. I am a level 1 seller now and almost completed $2000 orders till now. So next month hopefully, I will become a level 2 seller on the next 15th July. MY PROBLEM I was having bank issues that's why I was using one of my friend's...
  3. Mymusic

    Google Indexing Issue

    Hello guys, I have a money site that is 4 years old. I used to do many on-page changes on my homepage and keep reindexing my site so that google can crawl and reindex my updated home page. A few months back everything was working fine whenever I used to reindex an index page it uses to reindex...
  4. Mymusic

    Why BHW don't become a middle man for buyers and sellers?

    Hello BHW, There are a lot of sellers and buyers in the BHW forum so I was wondering why BHW doesn't become a middle man for buyers and sellers like Fiverr and take some 5% commission for every order. So instead of paying directly to the seller if the buyers pay the amount to BHW then that...
  5. Mymusic

    Need help with my new journey.

    Hello folks, I am going to start a new journey, a online local businesses journey. I have done a lot of research and found the online laundry business is good to start with. So let me clear what I have done till now and why I am getting interested in online laundry business. I already have a...
  6. Mymusic

    Is it a schema or something else and how to implement it on my website?

    Simple question, please see the attached image below and please let me know what is it? Is it a schema or something else and how to implement it on my website? I am trying to find this for a long time but no one is able to tell me exactly what it is? If you see in the above search you will...
  7. Mymusic

    Looking to buy traffic to improve my google ranking.

    Hello guys, Sorry for asking noob questions. But this topic of buying traffic is really attracting me for a long time. I have heard many times that getting more and more real human traffic can improve google ranking. I really don't know if this is a ranking factor but I am very curious and...
  8. Mymusic

    [Giveaway] Index your Backlinks through Speed links net

    I have more than 9500+ submits on so I will index up to 50 of your links. Comment this thread and I will PM you. Please put your links in the google sheet. Requirements: - 50+ posts/messages P.S. This thread will be live until 20th August 2020.
  9. Mymusic

    Can someone explain, what is this?

    When I search for the term "Ghost Production", the first 3 websites come with few internal links below the main home page link. And when I searched the same internal link on Ahref, I saw that the internal link "what is a ghost producer?" is actually ranking for the term "Ghost Production" But...
  10. Mymusic

    Please help to understand this SEO technique

    How is it possible? Example My competor has a domain with the name of "" His main keyword is "abc" He created a page with URL as "" and linked that from the homepage as anchor text of "abc" so, when someone searches for "abc" on google his homepage appears instead...
  11. Mymusic

    What is the best on page white hat SEO trick to rank main keywords on landing page?

    I have 3 main keywords that I have to rank for my client 1. Ghost producer 2.Ghost production 3. EDM Ghost producer My question is, What is the best on-page practice to rank the main keyword on the landing page? I have taken 2 examples of 2 different websites. 1. First example - Y G P...
  12. Mymusic

    Question for SEO expert's

    I own 2 websites for better understanding I will call them A,B. A & B is already Ranking on the first page of Google for many keyword because I have purchased few SEO gigs from BHW and also did some manual work But now I am planning to start the manual SEO work for both my websites A & B...
  13. Mymusic

    How long does Google takes to show the crawled link in the google webmaster tools?

    Few days back I made few backlinks at then today I searched all my made backlinks in google and lucky few of them have got crawled (appearing in the search result) but those crawled links are not showing in my webmaster tools in the links section while all my old...
  14. Mymusic

    What is the best way to index a backlink in Google?

    I have tried many ways including, paid indexing service, giving social signals, pining service but most of the links won't get indexed this days.