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    Where is a place/web that i can make a few buck with youtube views

    hello guys, is there any company that take a workers with monthly payment salary just to increase their youtube video views. i like to work with that company if it available. any suggestion guy?
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    my journey to make youtube views bot

    i try to make youtube views bot 1. first trial using proxie Results: FAILED 2.using vpn Resullts: Failed 3.In idea yet
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    Command Line Proxy Grabber

    how to use? 1.install perl 2. copy this scripts 3. Run #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use WWW::Mechanize; my $Grab_It = WWW::Mechanize->new(); $Grab_It->get(''); my @ips= $Grab_It->text() =~...
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    YOUTUBE VieWs: Why i bought views From fiver but my view count as negative counter

    Yesterday i bought views for my client on fiverr for 10k views . i got 11k views but my client ask why view counter goes negative -5000
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    WHY : autoclicker youtube views does not working?

    I make an autocliker bots that do a youtube search and then click the play button. I have check all the request that semding to youtube servers and all parameters and url are new , this also count in realtime stats . So what i am not get is why view count not increase. Any suggestion to fixed...
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    How to sent http request to youtube stats server

    Hello guys, can someone show how make http request to youtube video stats server.
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    Hi from Malaysia..

    Hi i am from Malaysia. Nice to meet you guys.