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    How to promote my iPhone app?

    What worked for me was ASO + incent installs. Incent installs alone are worthless, but when your app is optimised properly for your search terms they'll boost your app in the search ranking. PM me, if you need help.
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    Youtube Instant Start Views

    I'm just getting started with YouTube Marketing and I'm seeing that many sellers offer instant start views vs. non-instant views. I was wondering: what are instant views and for what are they needed? Another thing I found are slow-drip YouTube views. Can somebody explain what they are and...
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    Consulting for YouTube SEO

    I'm looking for someone who supports me in ranking YouTube videos on the first page for specific keywords. I've done quite some of research on buying views and likes and video keyword optimisation. But my impression is that the quality you buy differs significantly and ranking videos well takes...