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  1. HsSnFire

    Which colour you see?

    Right and left brain dominance, if you are right brain u will see combination of pink and white color, and if you're left brain u will see it in gray and green color - very interesting. I see gray and green
  2. HsSnFire

    Made 5x of my investment

    Can't believe it i bought token by seeing their bot @0.40 and now its growing crazy $2.5 already (1month after launch) i think this can hit $10-50 with in 2 months
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    I want to ask a question about Mysql database

    I made a facebook script, my question is if i put Order by rand() from a database limit=50 if i have 10000 ids in my database, and if i execute 2 times so it will execute 50 random ids for 2 times if there any chance that it will excute particular one id for all the 2 times?
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    Good luck

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    This is how people ranking in Google and making money [Not A Method]

    So basically i found out a bot so you have to just put your keyword and some proxies and your website (basically those are not proxies i dont know what are they it had more numbers than a proxy) So i set it and the bot open google and find your website and automatically click on it. I run it...
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    this video always getting like 1000+ live viewers
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    what happened to it?

    what happened to this thread
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    Win + Win = Win,Win+Lose= Lose

    If you got it then you know the im world.
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    BigBuddy Elite Member Lol....
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    5$ to 10$ day....(Super Easy)

    Go to Youtube Ogads+Pewdiepie Tuber simulator Hack Video+Youtube+comment on top videos=$5 to $10 Some will complain that is not working but try it you will get the result.
  11. HsSnFire

    Can I Use Those Proxies

    Can I use those free proxies for my facebook account's(100+) by- MaxiProxies by- proxygo
  12. HsSnFire

    I Just Put Inception_AC's facebook method link in CPA url locker and my status in 5min :D

    Ya it's fuc*ing awesome. I just copied Inception_AC Facebook method mediafire link,put it in cpagrip's url locker and post it in a facebook group and here is my status in 5min of posting..3 click 1 lead nice ahh
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    [M] How To Post BloCked Link On Facebook

    --------My First Post--------- so, I just find a working trick to post blocked link in,FACEBOOK... Just go to tiny , c c google it Resister there, First make a shortened url like facebook or google Then go to, facebook and post the shortened url in page or group you want.. wait 5...