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  1. Hyycev

    How do people make websites so easily?

    Browsing in the Making Money section of the forum, I've learned about a lot of methods on how to make money. In fact, I can even start earning good money right now, but the thing is, I suck at website making. It's just so confusing. Do I have to learn Web designing? Learn Wordpress? What should...
  2. Hyycev

    What are the most profitable blog niches in 2020?

    There are a lot of niches to choose from. I was gonna go with finance since I've heard that teaching others how to make money is the best way to earn money, although I'm not so sure about that statement. If there are any bloggers here, what niche do you think is the most profitable one?
  3. Hyycev

    [Help needed] How to make money as a complete newbie

    I've been using websites like Picoworkers to complete short tasks to make money, I've been making $1 per day if I work hard enough. The problem is that its not a stable source of income, neither does it pay much. Where can I invest this money so I'll end up making more. Surveys are a no go since...
  4. Hyycev

    How to create a Fake ID on the internet for free

    Almost all the things that is linked with payment require you to confirm your ID. If you choose not to confirm your ID they block you after a month like PayPal. I really want to create a Fake ID but I can't pay for it since online payment is almost impossible without a credit card or a bank...