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  1. own007

    Problem verify my paxum account

    I sent paxum my passport, Id and driver license but I'm still in unverified status. because I have to send them my an adress proof. of course I also sent that but they said that because it is written in Arabic I need to go to a lawyer to validate the documents. This is just insane! What can I do?
  2. own007

    cloaking facebook ads reciepts

    I am building cloaking operation to a costumer in the crypto industry. How can I create facebook ads receipts when I am using several facebook frofiles WITH diffrent names?
  3. own007

    SEO for Clips4sale store

    What's the best way to do SEO for a store on Clips4sale? Doe's buying traffic would be a better way to convertion?
  4. own007

    Good place to download Visual Composer templates

    Hi, I work a lot with visual composer and I want to know if there is a large library of templates out there ?
  5. own007

    Looking for good rehab centers pay per call/cpa

    Doe's anybody work with one?
  6. own007

    How to change videoa audio to avoid copyright claims

    Hi, how can I change the audio of a video ( speech , not music or movie) so youtube won't recognize it as copied? for the videopart, I am using complete different layouts.
  7. own007

    How to build a private content locker using 2 wordpress plugins

    Hi, I am long time in the contect locking business. I had great days with 3 figures each and awful days with only couple of bucks made. (English is my second language so please be patient….) Why not using the big content locking companies? Scraping, scraping and scraping…… I tried all of them...
  8. own007

    Who sell HQ reddit accounts?

    Hi, I need HQ old reddit accounts with couple of posts each.
  9. own007

    How Can i cloack PopUNDER?

    Hi, i want to put some popunders in my adult websites but the cpa network won't allow such traffic. how can i hide my traffic source?
  10. own007

    is CloudFlare safe against DMCA claims?

    I want to upload couple of hundreds of videos to it. I am using right now Russian server that don't give a damn about DMCA but it's very slow and i wan't to make the video stream faster.
  11. own007

    Does' anybody lately got serious problem with bought accounts

    it seem all the accounts i am buying are impossible to login. Some of them pva and some regular. I am using dynamic ip, Could that be the problem?
  12. own007

    How to find out if someone is doing ppv on your wesites?

    Hi, i got couple of websites with good convertion rate but beetween 17:00 - 22:00 the convertion drop dramatically, How can i find out if there are ppv campaigns on my websites in thoese hours?
  13. own007

    is it safe to use tubeonia for mass changing accounts passwords ?

    I got thousends of Yt accounts that i want to change their passwords but i do afraid to mess them up and loose all the hard work i did. Does anybody did it with tubeonia lately ? What is the best way to do that ?
  14. own007

    Stay away from Wrzhost!

    I hosted on their servers couple of my warez websites for almost a year and this company so suck lately. I believe the guy who own the company is a virgin who live with his grandmother and everytime she want to cook somthing in the oven she is unpluging the servers. that the only reasonable...
  15. own007

    Looking for a good canadian hosting with monthly billing

    Hi, what is the best candaian web hosting that accept monthly billing with paypal. and doe's DMCA complaints apply to canada?
  16. own007

    Where can i get/create Toolbars Bundling Deals ?

    I got very large CPD traffic (downloads) and i am looking for the best way to monetise it. I know there are bundles with 3- 5 downloads that probably create for the owner 8-10 $ for each download so how can i create one or join one? :pirate:
  17. own007

    What is the best bot to change accounts passwords?

    prefer one with built in proxy support
  18. own007

    What is the best alternative for YTA? I need something strong to upload 1,000 videos daily

    I used YTA for monthes and that software was amazing. now i'm looking for substitute. the most important part for me is the mass uploading feature.
  19. own007

    My AM asked for traffic source - i'm using BHCB with blank refferal

    I'm getting about 100$ a day from that network what can i tell him? can i build a landing page and tell him that i am doing ppc? can he discover that i'm not realy do that? can i tell him i am using direct linking with ppc ?
  20. own007

    What is better BHCB or WP guardian?

    i am using BHCB for a while and this is a very good software but it do'snt work on IE8 and non script browsers . can wp guardian be a better solution ?