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  1. Balaurul23

    Youtube chanel

    Hi guys I have some questions about monetizing your youtube account : 1.I have an account from 2013 with a single video that gathered 75k views and a few subscribers(150). Is it worth it to make another one or to start posting on it? 2.For a start, I thought of music videos that can't be...
  2. Balaurul23


    Hey world, I made goads and i would like to create a blocked file, with a questionnaire or something, to make traffic using instagram accounts,some tips?
  3. Balaurul23

    Insta Porn

    Hey guys I want to try something common on instagram, but I can't do this until I agree with the next thing: To buy ready made instagram accounts or create them after i buy proxy addresses?
  4. Balaurul23

    Instagram method

    Hey guys ,just what i've been documenting for a few weeks about how i could make money on instagramand I have a big question To buy the accounts already made with proxy for each one or to create on each proxy an instagram account? Thanks for answer :)