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  1. underground-rap

    Youtube won't be happy if you knew these

    I think looking for fake traffic is not reason enough for Google to throw you on a shitlist. What you should avoide is obvious... buying low quality views to your channel. This way your monetization might gets disabled or they wont even give it to you. Btw the thread was fun to read, but tbh...
  2. underground-rap

    How to start a blog properly in 2020

    You should have a closer look into this forum and search for a certain topic. Or head over to YouTube, you could search for: how to monetize your website 7 ways to monetize without adsense how to monetize your wordpress website You definitely have to put some research into this whole journey...
  3. underground-rap

    What is the Best SEO plugin?

    Right now I am also using Rank Math. Works pretty well so far. Yoast is also really great, there are tutorials on youtube on how to set it up correctly. The thing is, with Rank Math you got way better and more features. It is one of the most hyped SEO plugins for wordpress right now.
  4. underground-rap

    Free TikTok Shoutouts

    About to send you the link via DM, thank you! Hope it helps a little :). Stay healthy and productive my people!
  5. underground-rap

    Best Way To Get Bitcoin?

    Offering your service of anything is probably the best bet. Generate BTC by investing time on things you CAN do without spending money.
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    China is taking the piss

    About the payments, sounds super weird to me, even though I am not well experienced with chinese factories. Aren't they accepting Bitcoin? Maybe that could be a win for you. Better watch out that they don't spy on your private stuff. I don't think that they reduce your internet speed, they...
  7. underground-rap

    Multilingual SEO

    Yeah, I feel that, no matter which niche, what service or tool. Everyone tries to maximize profit in the most stupid ways, and it works :D
  8. underground-rap

    Multilingual SEO

    It might be a lot of work but depending on the project you are running, it can raise your traffic rapidly. Don't forget that many countries are lacking knowledge when it comes to English, most do not even have proper teachers, or only privately paid teachers, which are not affordable by 95%...
  9. underground-rap

    Multilingual SEO

    Very interesting, thank you for the advice, I was about to use WPML for a major project, that would mean they rip my whole shit. Definitely going to checkout Polyglot, you said it is a little expensive, and it definitely is. I do not like the fact that you have to pay for words and yearly. Will...
  10. underground-rap

    What's the most amount of money you've made in 1 day online?

    This would take a couple of million views when using AdSense. The earnings are either high or low depending on the country the viewers do come from. I recommend Google Adsense, been able to make most profit through it and not through a network.
  11. underground-rap

    What's the most amount of money you've made in 1 day online?

    Damn I would love to know that customer niche, tell me more :D
  12. underground-rap

    What's the most amount of money you've made in 1 day online?

    $2000, sold an account. I was able to make over $5000 from this account until I sold it. Niche: Music industry. The account was pretty much useless. Network was stupid and I've ended up with 1900$ profit. Only invested $100 in January. Sold it in march for that $2000. Directly reinvested $800...
  13. underground-rap

    Where can I buy good powerlikes?

    Don't worry, I used it for several months, since it is a paid service, they won't just hijack your account, they need it in order to have the network running. You can easily change the password after you decide to not use this service no more. So far this has been the most helpful platform for...
  14. underground-rap

    Where can I buy good powerlikes?

    Fuelgram works just fine. They send niche related users who like your post, depending on how many followers your account has, you will get likes from people with around the same following.
  15. underground-rap

    Buying Website Traffic, Should You Be Doing It?

    What kind of traffic are we talking about exactly? I don't think that any SMM provider can manage to send you real human traffic. So your best bet is probably to buy traffic in sort of promotion and blog / magazine placements. This will cost a lot, depending on the celebrity / influencer or the...
  16. underground-rap

    Do you believe in Global Warming and Climate Change ?

    I do as well, and I have a project against it, or at least to make a change, even if it is just a small change. You can hit me up if you would like to contribute some, every help is appreciated!
  17. underground-rap

    Economic- & Environmentally Friendly Clothes?

    Hello guys, I am currently working on a project regarding the climate change. I am looking for products which are environmentally friendly in the production and economic friendly when it comes to storage and shipment of the items. So what I am basically looking for, are green suppliers mainly...
  18. underground-rap

    Hashtags in COMMENTS or CAPTION

    comments, looks cleaner and same effect.
  19. underground-rap

    Any updates to HR views?

    As I said, I never had any issues with their support, being kind and patient is the key.
  20. underground-rap

    Any updates to HR views?

    I ordered around 1000 subscribers a week ago and they come in flawless. Usually 20 a day and 20 legit subs. They got a little drop ratio tho. But if you request a refill, they will do it within no time. Make sure to order the USA Subscribers, I am not aware of the other one, never used it...