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  1. primeCS

    Backlink indexing: how fast is too fast?

    Hi guys, did a search and couldn't find anything similar to this question. Basically, I have a list of lower tier web 2.0s (about 500 of them). And then i blasted 50k gsa links to this list of 500 web 2s. So each web 2.0 property should get around 100 backlinks. I notice that it most gsa...
  2. primeCS

    Found many hidden web 2.0 platforms... Are You Game?

    Hi guys, while searching for more web 2.0 to work on, I accidentally chanced upon a list of web 2.0 platforms that looks very alike to each other. At first I was quite happy that I found new sites to work on. But as I continued to find similar web 2.0s with same template, I begin to feel that...
  3. primeCS

    PBNs pointing to whitehat backlinks

    Hi, I am a newbie and i am building my new website and is beginning to compete in the search engine. My main objective of the website is to continuously make it bigger for as long as possible. Thanks to many seniors here, I found many useful resources. Most guides here talk about using web2.0...
  4. primeCS

    4 Tier on Silo structure, any harm?

    Hi seniors, I am newbie and really need you help when I come to building my structure. I have read from a few places that recommend only 3 tiers in silo structure building. Therefore I just wish to clarify whether does it hurt a site's seo if a site is built to tier 4 like the attached image...