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  1. hulkhogan

    Adult Video Blaster vs Advanced Video Submitter

    Anyone have experience with both this video uploading programs? How do they differ? Thanks
  2. hulkhogan

    Adult tube traffic to dating offers?

    Anyone sending adult watermark tube traffic straight to adult dating offers on crakreveune ? or do you send it to a landing page first? Thanks
  3. hulkhogan

    Best Laptop to buy for under $700?

    Hi, Whats the best laptop to buy from under $700 for internet marketing related things and creating videos? Or what specs must it have ? Thanks
  4. hulkhogan

    Facebook disabled account

    Created a facebook account back in June with gmail account and even phone verified it, didn't post on it. I created in on a Firefox browser and always logged on to it in a firefox broswer. Log on to it a few times. This week i log on to it and it said my accout was disabled. Facebooks...
  5. hulkhogan

    Any tips on making high quality videos/ low memory?

    Hi, Any tips on how to make high quality videos that are small in size (mb) ? Best file to save avi,mp4, wmv, etc...? I'm using this for adult tubing method and currently have windows movie maker. Thanks
  6. hulkhogan

    What are somethings people buy with Bitcoin?

    What are somethings buy with Bitcoin? Whats the most popular?
  7. hulkhogan

    Experience with Cambly ?

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with Cambly? Could you just use a smart phone or do you need a laptop/desktop? What do you talk about? Is there some kind of rating ? Another other feedback if you have used Cambly before would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. hulkhogan

    Multiply Sites on Google Analytics :( SEO ranking?

    Hi, Does having multiply websites on the same Google Analytics account affect SEO ranking of each site? Thanks
  9. hulkhogan

    Requesting the Highest payout or Lowest ?

    Hi, Is there any downside to requesting the lowest minimum payout in affiliate offers ? Or any benefit to requesting the highest minimum payout? Relation to PPS, Rev share, etc...? For example $50 for the lowest payout and $500 for the highest. Naturally getting money as fast as possible...
  10. hulkhogan

    As anyone used Freecamdollars or Stream Ray of Adult Webcam offers

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience with Freecamdollars and/or Stream Ray for Adult webcam offers? I noticed when I was signing up for Freecamdollars their site was http: not Https: . Not sure if thats a big deal, but I think its more professional if its Https now especially when enter...
  11. hulkhogan

    Any Webinars that have Affiliate offers?

    Hi, does anyone know of any companies that run webinars in the "How to make Money" niche who have affiliate offers? Right now i have a Meetup group and i would like to promote a webinar. Just looking to a link to them to what ever page. Thanks
  12. hulkhogan

    Do Embed Videos on take up a lot space on Wordpress ?

    Hi, I was wondering if embed videos from youtube or adult tube sites take up a lot of space on a word press blog? Thanks
  13. hulkhogan

    How do get overdraft bank fees refunded in this case.

    I was charged for multiple overdraft fee’s. The first for overdraft, $29 and second for everyday the account was overdrawn ,($3 a day, was 10 days overdrawn = $30) Total for $59. One of the reason i didn't have money in the account was because one banker at the bank told me I could not transfer...
  14. hulkhogan

    Any Tips on starting a new Facebook Ad account ?

    Hi, I am starting a new Facebook Ad account. I have never had a Facebook Ad account before. I know a lot people who had their accounts banned and never given a reason. Any tips to starting an account? Thanks
  15. hulkhogan

    Ideas of tracking Sales for Adult webcam traffic ??

    Hi, I am currently sending some "adult video watermarked traffic" and "blog traffic" to an adult webcam offer. I am using revshare with the adult webcam offer and after a couple hundred unique visitors I get one person signing up. The problem is that i don't know if this person who signs up...
  16. hulkhogan

    Anyone use a landing page for Adult Webcam offers?

    Hey does anyone use a landing page before send their traffic to adult cam sites like Chaturbate, jasminlive , streamate, etc....? If your are willing to share, what have you found what works as far as copy/photos? or do you find landing pages are not very effective? Thanks for any feedback
  17. hulkhogan

    What do you use to Structure you business?

    Hi, What software or methods do you use to structure your business: operations, ideas, to-dos, expenses ? For example do you write your plan out on a white board, use Excel spreed-sheet, no-structure, etc...? - Sign disorganized person here
  18. hulkhogan

    800 Number for sales

    Hey, Has anyone had experience with people call a number listed on your website. Hosting companies now offer 800 numbers. What have your experiences been like?
  19. hulkhogan

    $100 Startup Consulting Business

    I recently read this book called $100 startup. Its like 80/20 of the four hour work week. They have recommendations for starting a consulting business. The idea is to you as little as possible. (Not really promoting the book, just saying im using as a model) Right now I started one one...
  20. hulkhogan

    Intermarketing House in California

    *Internet marketing House in California Hey, I currently live in the midwest and was thinking of going to California for the winter. I would like to get a place by the beach like San Diego, Orange County or LA. However, its rather expensive. I was thinking if I split the place with a...