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    BHW 2.0 Navigation

    I've been out of BHW for more than a year. As it seems, the interface has changed. Is there any guides about the new interface/navigation? Kind of confused. :weep: TIA P.S.: No negative comments please.
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    Upwork Reviews Required

    Looking for someone to create a job post and provide Upwork Reviews. You'd be paid $1 per review. You'd also need to have Paypal and be ready to do screenshare during the whole process. Interested people please contact. Thanks
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    [REQ] Logo Designer Wanted

    Want a logo designer who can craft a quick logo. Concept done. All you need to do is illustrate the logo in a different color. Will need vector and psd file, in addition to a jpeg image. Payment $10. No negotiations. Interested people can PM me. Thanks P.S.: I am not interested in hopping on...
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    Facebook gone crazy?

    Seems like Mark is optimistic that AI would pose as people.
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    RARE Phenomenon

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    Bitcoin at All Time High?

    Seems a good time to invest?
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    Why English is Confusing?

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    Fiverr Mutual Review

    Hey All, I'm looking for Fiverr mutual reviews. If in any case you cannot do a mutual review, you would be paid $7. Please drop in a message if you are interested. Thanks!
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    Need Mutual Fiverr Reviews

    Hello All, I'm looking for mutual fiverr reviews or one off payment for reviews. Please comment or inbox for discussion. Need only single account holders. No groups, because we don't want the accounts to be banned. Thanks!
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    Fiverr Mutual Review

    Hello All, I'm looking for Fiverr mutual review for basic gigs on multiple sites. If anyone of you are interested please drop in a message. Just to make it clear, it's a mutual review. If you have any questions or require clarification, drop in a PM. Thanks
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    Hey All, I'm a professional internet marketer & content developer, working for the last six years in internet marketing industry. Yeah, yeah, I know, you would say I'm new in BHW. NO, I just chose not to comment and post stuff although I opened the account way back. Anyway, back to the topic...