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    BIG Drop in RPM on Youtube starting with 1st of July

    Has anyone else experienced a drop in RPM this month? Starting with rhe 1st of July my RPM dropped by 30% and is lower than in January .... which everyone knows that is the worst month of the year revenue wise.
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    just sold my bitcoin to buy a GTR

    You might be dead in 3-4 years.... especially looking at the bitcoin charts every day you can get a heart attack.
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    Best text to speech software for YouTube video?

    I really don't think that is TTS
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    Received a strike, should I continue?

    How's the high-five method?
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    Giving away 10x 150 Word Voiceovers

    I'm interested, still available?
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    Use Google Ads $350 to promote yt channel

    Can you share the method?
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    check your yt revenue fast. many peoples Revenue has dropped, is this glitch?

    I also experienced a 50% drop in daily revenue starting with 1st of October. I hope is just a glitch.
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    list all money making methods

    Begging! Prove that this doest work :)
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    Free Giveway Windscribe VPN 50 GB accounts To All Regular Members

    I would like one account. Thank you.
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    Netflix account needed!!!

    Do you have a good method to share with me? LOL
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    Netflix account needed!!!

    can you please send me a PM in order to get the invitation for iptorrents
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    Where would you move with €16K and €1K passive income?

    I believe you don't talk about Greece. You live like a king with 900 euro? This is BS!
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    Monetization review time ?

    I got rejected in 2 days :)
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    When I Joined BHW I Made $0 | Now I Make Millions

    Maybe he made his millions from this investment :) who knows....