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    Pre Approved Payments Issue

    I tried different type or proxies residential or data center, use multilogin & Aws/Azure but nothing works. I tried many different type of bins but facing same issue, some of them are working others not. I add one card directly to Google Ads & its attached as billing method (no error) but when...
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    Pre Approved Payments Issue

    I tried many different type of cards but results are same.
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    Pre Approved Payments Issue

    I tried different numbers from smspva, smscodes & usanums. I tried 911, smart proxy residential ips & some data center ips from rsocks, blazing & highproxies. Tried AWS rdp, Multilogin & vmlogin. Timezone is same as ip address location.
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    Pre Approved Payments Issue

    Hello Guys, is there anyone who facing pre approved payments issues while using Paypal as payment method in Google ads? I'm using USA emails + Paypal + US IP but this error is on 6 out 10 accounts. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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    Buy edu emails at affordable price

    Hello, looking for 10 edu emails.
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    Dedicated Private Proxies - Shared Proxies -VPN's -Discount -100% Working

    Hello, i boought PP-10 plan few days ago with this coupon BHW15OFF but now when i tried to buy another plan for 100 proxies, it shows "This promotion code is only valid for new customers" . Is there something i'm missing?
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    Adwords + $350 (BIN)

    I'm getting 350$ on same VCC & VBA on few accounts & almost on all accounts with ttproxy Ips. I heard from someone that Sprint line modem is working fine for google ads but can't find any. Actually found one named customproxysolutions but they're not active now.
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    Adwords + $350 (BIN)

    Hello Guys, Anyone here getting 50$ threshold for creating new Google Ads accounts? For me its looks like IP problem because getting 350$ on few accounts but 90% acc with 50$ & instant suspend. Already tried 911, Smartproxies, GeoSurf, Rsocks, ProxyGuys but everytime i got 50$ threshold, only...
  9. M Mobile LTE 4G Proxies, Premium Proxies, Budget Proxies, Auto SETUP + API. BHW %

    Hello, Can i get trail for Mobile 4G LTE rotating proxies? I wanna try them for my Google Ad verification work because many other proxy services i tried from here won't work for google normally. Thanks
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    Looking For Website Copier / Cloner

    Hello guys, This is my first post here on BHW. I'm looking for a website copier to exactly copy any website from net mostly shopping stores. I wanna use them for Google Ads dummy sites. I saw someone is using cloned sites on Google & doing pretty well. But it's looks like he's not using Ht...