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  1. Bradbed

    Post Randomizer Plugin?

    I've been looking around for a little bit for a post randomizer plugin. I've downloaded the plugin called "Redirect URL to Post", but it seems like it can be done easier and was wondering if anyone found or uses something similar. I just want Something that I can add a button throughout my blog...
  2. Bradbed

    Article proof reading service?

    Hey, guys just wanted to get some input from some of you who write your own articles/blog posts and I hope this is in the right section! (if not mods please move to the appropriate area) Anyways I've started writing my own articles with niches I'm really knowledgeable in, now I know my niche...
  3. Bradbed

    Host Gator + SiteLock is Crap any suggestions for best hosting?

    So I've been using Hostgator for a few months now and until lately they have been good but these past two weeks have been hell. I'm writing this in hopes that people will read this before using host gator as a warning. Also, I'm wanting to find a new reliable hosting that wont jerk me around...
  4. Bradbed

    bradbed's IM Journey

    Hello Everyone! This is going to be my official IM journey thread! First things first.... I've been on the forum since June and since the past month or so i haven't gotten motivated to really pursue my IM dream of working from home and doing what I love. This is going to be my main journey...
  5. Bradbed

    Any tips on best way to quit smoking?

    Title really says it all. I’ve tried a bunch of times to quit smoking in the past year longest I’ve gone is 5 days and then I make an excuse of why I start smoking again. I’ve tried nicotine patches, mints, and gum and they help but I just can’t get over the feeling of an actual cigarette. The...
  6. Bradbed

    Will i run into any trouble with this idea?

    Just wanted to run this by a few of you and see if i can get int any type of trouble for doing this type of CPA offer? so what i wanted to do is make an article on my site for the State Fair for my state. Basically write a small article about the state fair and what you will find there blah blah...
  7. Bradbed

    WordPress + CPA Help

    So what i want to do is when people go to my landing page here\/ and they click on the button to get "free vBucks" it will bring them to this page\/ and i want to add a CPA url locker on this page but iv'e tried everything and searched everywhere and couldn't find anything. if you know of a...
  8. Bradbed

    Help with Instagram + CPA

    Hi bhw! So I’m wanting to buy an Instagram in a certain niche and have either OGads or CPAgrip on my site for certain content lockers. My question is when I buy an Instagram acc will I have to use a proxy so that the acc doesn’t get banned? If that’s the case what’s the best proxy to use in...
  9. Bradbed

    Does it matter if I have a .club instead of .com

    I’m wanting to use cpagrip to try and make some money and wanna get a website does it matter if the site is .club or anything other than .com?
  10. Bradbed

    What is your day job?

    title really says it all! what do you do for a living and where in the world are you located? For me I live in Phoenix,AZ USA and i'm an A/C technician. Bored and want to get to know some of the fellow black hatters! My goal is to eventually work completely from home and make a decent income!
  11. Bradbed

    Thank You BHW

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this site!!! I’ve procrastinated for so long on starting my IM dreams but then I said you know what fuck it. Made my account and now I’m using all my free time outside of work to learn everything I can with this website. Before I joined I thought “it’s...
  12. Bradbed

    Wanting To Learn How To Build Custom Websites.

    First things first. Im a beginner to coding done a few courses on Udemy for C# and i like that but ive slowly turned my interests into Building a website and getting into IM. SO with that said I work full time and also have bills but i have some extra money set aside for my IM goals! I already...
  13. Bradbed

    Beginner looking to start coding.

    Title really says it all I’ve been looking up a bunch of videos and everything about coding on YouTube. I researched a little bit and thought Python was the best way to start for me! My goals are to Be able to make webpages and then once I feel comfortable with python maybe go into c# and learn...
  14. Bradbed

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi BHW, this is my first post after browsing BHW all day looking at some different forums while at work in my spare time. Read some good stuff and wanted to make a first post after reading a little bit and getting to know the site a little better. Heres some backround on how i found BHW. When...