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  1. ContentWriter

    Spotify or SoundCloud?

    Hi, BHW members! I'd love to get your opinion on this. Which one would you choose: Spotify or SoundCloud? Why?
  2. ContentWriter

    White Hat SEO is Not a Thing Anymore

    According to an article written by Roger Montti in the site, some white hats secretly use black hat tricks. Hence, the dichotomy of white hat and black hat makes it false for both. Also, he mentioned that if people are to consider the SEO definition of Google, then all...
  3. ContentWriter

    Designing Facebook Profiles on a Different Level

    Are you guys familiar with Friendster? For those who used to have accounts under this social networking site, can you still remember how you designed your profile through codes and additional features? Do you think Facebook would let its users customize their profile accounts such as the...
  4. ContentWriter

    "How to Rank #1" Video: Does This Case Study Still Work?

    So I came across Brian Dean's video on YouTube about ranking #1 in Google. After seven months, does his case study still work? Your comments are highly appreciated. :)
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    How to Write Intriguing Content Titles That Rank

    Your content's title is the first thing that your potential customers would read. It would make them decide whether they'd visit your website or just browse for other articles. The ranking part is quite easy. The most important rule is to include your main keyword to it (like, hello, this is...
  6. ContentWriter

    Everybody Can Write: Fact or Fiction?

    Everyone can write, but we cannot all be good at it. I started writing when I was in elementary. I was more on the "artistic" side then. My articles were posted in our school paper. I'd write up my own stories and poems. It went on until high school. I learned the technical stuff when I took...
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    What are the Exact Instructions a Content Writer Needs?

    I used to be a content writer for our company. I must say, there were challenging situations, most especially when instructions are involved. You see, there are some that "skip" giving the details needed to write an article. They'd say, "you're the expert here, right? You know what to provide."...
  8. ContentWriter

    How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

    "I write a fantastic blog but I still don't get the traffic I want." This is the typical rant you would hear from a person that just started in the digital marketing world. Like we did it in a snap. But, hey, admit it. You've also felt the frustration when you started. You see, there are...
  9. ContentWriter

    The Unending Battle Between Spinners and Human Rewriters

    Google "article spinners" and you will surely get loads of tools that promise great results. For me, nothing beats a rewrite done by an actual writer. What am I talking about? You can spin or rewrite to create a whole new content out of an old one by using synonyms to replace phrases. This...
  10. ContentWriter

    Why Bother Writing an Impressive About Us Page?

    In any client interviews, I make sure I dress to impress. You know what they say, first impression lasts. I work online so dressing up literally does not count. I just make sure that I sell myself well by telling my story. It's the same as your About Us page. You are letting your potential...
  11. ContentWriter

    How to Revert Back to Old GetResponse Interface?

    I don't like this new one and there is no option to switch back to the old one. Please help!
  12. ContentWriter

    Does Google Just Put Our Keywords in Coma?

    *EDIT: Did Google Just Put Our Keywords in Coma?* Peace out! Have you guys checked this out just now? Thanks to whatever Google is doing, some keywords went down just like that. I am not really sure if it's just me and my friend who's experiencing this. If you do, please update us.
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    Tools Other Than Yoast SEO

    I know that most of us here use Yoast SEO in WP. I have been using it for quite some time and it has helped me a lot. I would just like to know if you guys use other plugins that are way better than Yoast. Way better like it won't force you to use too many transition words just to get a green...
  14. ContentWriter

    FREE Keyword Research: 10 Main Keywords with 5 Long-tailed Keywords Each

    It's time to pay it forward to this community that has helped us grow our digital marketing business for the past years. Giveaway: 10 main keywords + 5 long-tailed keywords each main keyword Qualifications: You must be a Jr. VIP member. You must not be a marketplace seller that offers the...
  15. ContentWriter

    Blogging with a Funky Grammarly

    Is it just me or Grammarly is acting weird lately? I have a paid account. Since Monday, it has been acting really strange. Every time I proofread, it would show two lines of the same recommendation. It would then require me to correct or ignore both. At times, I would attempt to click on an...
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    5 Things to Check When Hiring Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency News Writers

    Recently, I've noticed an increase in HAF posts looking for cryptocurrency writers (SEO articles, rewrites, or news articles). Sometimes, BHW members are having a hard time deciding who they should hire. So I've decided to write a "neutral and informative post" that can help you filter your list...
  17. ContentWriter

    New Meta Description Character Count Requirement

    Have you seen any significant improvement on your SERP visibility after maximizing the adjusted character count limit on meta descriptions? What adjustments have you applied so far?
  18. ContentWriter

    How's Your Reach After 2 Weeks?

    As some of you may have noticed, I have been observing Facebook's behavior for quite some time now. Two weeks have passed, how's it going on your end? With my pages? They are on semi-hiatus/ stealth mode status. Nothing significant with the reach. In fact, it is still at a low rate but far from...
  19. ContentWriter

    Educate Me: Facebook Workplace Premium?

    I am using Facebook Workplace for free and I must say it is doing its job well. Can you guys enlighten me as to the perks I'd get if I opt to get premium? It has been up for two years now. Is there a tendency that it would become a paid platform eventually? Thanks for the responses in advance...
  20. ContentWriter

    Facebook Pages are Making a Comeback

    After weeks of speculations, I've observed that the feed is behaving like it should be - the pages I've liked are already back in the ball game. I am not sure what happened in those weeks that had digital marketers worried, but Mark Z. has put back the exposure of well-loved pages like BuzzFeed...