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  1. fjugin

    Anyone who can check a domain for me?

    Hi guys, I just bought a domain and want to make a site with it. Can anyone who knows how to check if a domain is good/okay or spammy take a quick look? I do not know how to do it and do not have any tools Thanks in advance friends
  2. fjugin

    How to rank e-commerce store?

    Hello friends, is ranking an ecommerce store much different than, lets say a blog with adsense. Is it harder? because less content I only have a blog and now i want to build an ecommerce store Should I do the same linkbuilding techniques as for a blog or how should i go about it ideas are...
  3. fjugin

    Do-follow blog comments questions

    7 days ago bought 70 high pr do follow blog comments for money site (dumb on my part I know but I am new to SEO) before I ordered those links, I had 101 good quality backlinks according to Ahrefs, now one week later I have 570 backlinks in Ahrefs, even though I was building only 1 or 2 links a...