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    One writer in two different content-writing topics with different prices

    Hi all, here i want told about strange situation with content writers. I worked with a lot writers and my last was writer MEGAMIND: He take 5$ per 500 words amazon review. All is good, but all...
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    Details for article

    Hello everybody. What details i need send to the writer for article? Keywords is first. Pros and cons? Can i send my text translated via Google for fix some errors and make it readable?
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    Blogspot backlink

    Hi all. I see that a lot of people commenting blogspot for get backlinks. When i check his sites i see hundreds and thousands of backlinks from blogspot. But all this backlinks are nofollow and his sites have good positions. Nofollow is work?
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    Sell Amazon affiliate site for 1 500 000$

    Hi all. I found place where you can buy or sell your site and as i see some people buy amazon affiliate site for 1 500 000$ with profit 54 000$ per month o_O How? Who? Why? I not understand, i always thought that if your website earn for example 10...
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    Landind for FaceBook - How?

    Hi all. How i can create landing for FB for redirect to affiliate link via blogspot? I want empty page only with text in center "click here". Any HTML code? Thanks!
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    Any Russian dating affiliate program?

    Hello, i looking some affiliate program for Russian dating traffic. I know few, but i looking who paying 100%. Thanks.
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    What is Bounties in Amazon?

    Hello, i still not understand what is Bounties in Amazon stats. Can you somebody explain me? Thanks.
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    ShopiFy and Amazon

    Hello everybody, i think create online shopify shop with amazon, but not understand nothing. Can you tell me some problems with this? Products i need add to shop manualy or it's automatic? I don't want add 10 products. On official shopify website i saw shops for sale without amazon. How this...
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    How to send traffic to offers?

    Hello people, i have little traffic from pinterest, about 20 uniques. My method is "pins ---> with landing page ---> offers". I know that i can't redirect from domain to offers, but 20 uniques on LP and only 1 click to offer :( I lost traffic. I have cosmetic traffic. How i can...
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    Where i can sell lists of websites?

    Hello, where i can sale base of emails or websites? Some special free shop like clickbank where i can upload zip archive and wait money :) Thanks.
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    Instagram redirect link

    Hi all, i want ask about redirect from instagram. I want redirect users to amazon. In pinterest is not allowed redirect. And in instagram? Thanks.
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    Amazon Link to Any Page

    Hi all, i want ask who working with Amazon about affiliate link. I trying create Link to Any Page. Amazon give me html code with my affiliate link. I don't want html code, a want just affiliate link. I take link from this code, and paste to my TDS for redirect. After 1 hour i cheking my TDS and...
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    Indexing of pins

    Hi all, i have one account on pinterest, but i could't change it to business. I created new business account. A added 15 pins from my blog with hashtags and after 2 days i not see my pins in index ot pinterest. I press #mysuperhashtag and i see about 20 pins, but my pin i not see. Why? My first...
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    Hello everybody. Im here.

    Hi BHW. Today i started my account on this famous forum. My nick is Bing :cool: because nicknames Youtube, Google and GoogleBot are already occupied :D I from Spain but not spanish :p Let's make some money.