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    Refferal link checker

    Hi Guys, I know that many peopl use Ahrefs, but that is pretty expensive for my project. I need a tool where I can check 30-50 domains per month and find out their refferal links. I am happy to pay a one-time fee or even a small monthly fee. Open for any recommendations. Please share with me...
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    Non-English AI content

    I see there are many solutions especially on GPT-2. I am thinking to use GPT-2 for non-english language. I would like to train it to my language. Is there a guide how to do it (if I am not a coder). Is it a realistic idea or too big effort? If anybody can help on this or suggest then please...
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    Facebook group scraper

    Hi, I am looking for a tool which is dedicated to scrape facebook groups fans and their mail addresses (not facebook email, but real). Thank you for any recommendations.
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    Classified ads submitter?

    Hi. I did try to search for this, but could not find any that I would trust in... Is there a tool which can submit ads to free classified ads sites in bulk? I do not want to post 1000s of ads, but the goal would be to submit 1 advertisement to the top 100 free classified ads sites. Any...
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    Big hit for Pinterest traffic

    Hi, Maybe it's just my method, but I face a pretty big hit on my pinterest traffic. Did anyone experience the same? It happens since Friday last week. I did lose about 50% of my traffic. None of my accounts are sandboxed or domains blocked, hosting is up and running. Thx. Wooster
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    "Hack" Google Analytics Data

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right subforum to ask, but I hope so. I have an issue with my client reporting as the do not like seeing the redirects domains in the Google Analytics data. They want to represent that like SM traffic. Is there a way to "hack" my own Analytics data to show some...
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    Manage 10+ sites

    Hi, I hope that I open this thread at the right place within the forum... :) I think many times that managing many sites takes a lot of effort. It is ok that you can simply upgrade wordpress or plugins remotely, but you can not be sure that the site is not broken after that. You might see that...
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    Link building for 1000 subdomains

    Hi. I have some sites with over 1000 subdomains. Each subdomain is different in terms of niche - micro niche. I am thinking to build links on them, just to get some credibility. Each subdomain have 100s of posts, so do not plan to link all of them. If anybody can give recommendations for...
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    Youtube suspended

    Hi. I just got an issue which is related to my personal youtube account. In fact I never did much youtube marketing, maybe had 5 videos all from cc0 sources. I have never get any notifications or issues. I am youtube premium member and google one member, all things are used on youtube just for...
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    How to monetize 1000 micros sites?

    Hi All, I have a new project with 1000 micro sites and it looks like that I'm able to get 5-10 visitors to each every day (on average). These sites are all different niches and the traffic is mostly organic, but there is social media in it as well. There is no content just legal images. I'm...
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    Like button is missing from facebook page

    Hi All, A friend of my has a facebook page which had like button, but they did something (or facebook had changed) and now they only have Follow button on the page. Can someone help me? Thank you! Wooster
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    Face recognition on images

    Hi. I have 1000s of images. I would like to remove those images which show faces. Do you know any application which could do it in bulk. The best would be if it could do the job based on url (each url points to an image). Thank you! Wooster
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    How to find facebook group

    Can you please recommend a method or software to find many facebook groups where I can post without approval (approval to join or approval to post)? Thank you.
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    Instagram questins - please help

    Hi, I started to grow 2 country specific instagram accounts using my mobile. Both accounts are connected to the same mobile and same wifi. Everything looks like working good. I get 20-30% followback ratio after the 1st week. I post every 1-2 days. I follow from mobile. I follow the followers of...
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    What link building package

    I just start a new website for 15 keywords and there will be 15 post created in total. I wanted to ask personal recommendation what SEO link building package to buy 1st to kickstart and see some results? The keywords are long tail and seem to be very easy (according to 3 different keyword tool)...
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    Bulk Collage Creator?

    Hi, I'm looking for a tool which makes possible to create a high number of social media posts with functionsl like these: 1. Add many images. There are templates and the system automatically (randomly) put together images according to the templates. 2. Add text on the images. I give a few 100...
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    Find facebook groups

    Hi, I have seen some guides where it was told that it's fairly easy to join many groups and post content there. I have tried this with some groups where freebies, coupons are posted. I did join 20+ groups and started to post something (not spammy) to the group... questions, information, some...
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    Following on Pinterest?

    Hi, I know that earlier there was a great benefit of doing follow actions on pinterest, but (approx 2 years ago) they've changed something so people don't see info about it, so the followback ratio is much-much lower. I'm thinking to restart following on pinterest. Does anyone has up-to-date...
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    Pinteresr API access for bots

    Hi, I am thinking to build a bot for Pinterest posting. I have heard from different sources that it is the best to do it via API. I have some questions regarding to this. 1. How difficult it is to get API key? Are there any specific reasons why they reject the application? 2. Should there be a...