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    Alternatives to launching an ICO?

    I'd be interested on peoples thoughts on what alternative routes someone could take if they wanted to launch a blockchain related project. From looking at ICOs and the funding they get I think the sort of money been thrown around is too massive and comes with too much responsibility. Let me...
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    Internal link to same page

    Recently I've seen a few articles which have links in them, 2 or more, to the same article/page they come from. The links generally seem to use different anchor words in their linking. Is this bad practice and used only for short term ranking or something?
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    Chances of getting parked Sedo domain at minimum?

    All other tlds for the name I want to use are available except the .com one. It is 5 years old and looks like it was never used and is just parked for sale. From Moz it says the DA is 1. It says that minimum offer is $1000. What are the chances of getting it at that through anyones experience...
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    Accepting cookies on website

    Hey folks Just hit a wall on what I need to do in regards to declaring that my website accepts cookies, or if I even need to use the function. The html template I am using comes with a piece of code which when unhidden presents the usual bar at the top of the screen with an accept/read more...
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    Better to use subdomain for some of my pages?

    Hey Folks I'm working on a product listing type website at the moment. When a user clicks on a product in the list they are brought to dedicated page for that product. ex. Each of these product pages has 3 or 4 outbound links to the products own website and a...
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    10 simm cards and 10 proxies

    I have 10 simm cards and 10 proxies and I'm looking to do some ground work over the next couple of days creating email accounts. I've searched around and I'm just wondering does anyone know the current capacity of accounts per number with the main providers... Yahoo Outlook/Hotmail...
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    VPS through wireless Dongle

    Wasn't really sure which section to post this. I'm moving to another country soon and looking into mobile internet providers. I need to remote desktop to my VPS. Will I be able to do this through a wireless dongle, and if so, what sort of usage would I be looking at? The best offer I have found...
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    Marketplace website

    I'm looking to get a marketplace website off the ground in the future. Something similar to this where people join and setup a profile and sell their products......... Would appreciate any thoughts on what the drawbacks on using that theme over...
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    Newbie questions thread location?

    A month or so ago I found a thread titled something like, 'Newbies, ask all your questions here', in one of the forums here. For the life of me I can't find it again. Anyone have an idea where that thread is located? I don't want to have to be starting threads just for little things I'm sure...
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    Proxy Workflow

    I've searched high and low for the 'newbies ask here' thread I seen somewhere on one of the forums before but can't find it anywhere.Basically, I'm getting my head around most things except figuring out the right way to go about using private proxies.I'll just paint a picture and would...
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    Hey Folks

    Hey,Just joined, so I'd like to introduce myself. Firstly I am a musician. I have a pretty decent PC based home studio I have put together over the last few years. I like to make different styles of music, but mostly guitar blues and techno/psytrance/ambient. Just under a year ago I was...