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    Legitimate Work at Home opportunities (for those wanting extra cash or just struggling)

    Hey guys and gals, I have recently found some sites for making semi-stable cash online. I wanted to share these for those struggling to make their first dollars online or for those who would like more semi-stable online income. First site pays $.225 per minute (or $13.50 per hour after doing...
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    What would you have done for $5?

    I was out fishing today in the Atlantic ocean and I saw a five dollar bill. Well, I happen to like money, so the sensible thing to do seemed to be to jump in and get it. The water looked shallow, but before long I was up to my neck in water, fully clothed and shoed. Everyone around me told me...
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    Happy Birthday Abstroose!

    It's Abstroose's birthday! Happy birthday Luke, hope it's your best one yet! :party:
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    Ranking Changes October 17th-19th

    Hey everyone, so I have had a nice suprise from Google lately on almost all of my sites, and I wanted to see if anyone else had the same thing happen, so maybe we can figure out why and use that to our advantage. I randomly checked one of my sites rankings in Webmaster Tools, and saw it had gone...
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    Who's your favorite video game character?

    Hey guys, I've been resorting back to playing video games lately, and I must say...Raiden was my first true love. I have yet to find another character that I love more. Who is your favorite video game character?
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    Looking for mass mailer for JV!

    I currently have very large, very targeted, very clean lists I am looking to JV on. They are in mailable format, just load and go. We can use your offers or mine. These will be dating offers, these are 100% 18+ USA men. If you are interested, please tell me your capabilities and expectations...
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    Hey Sugar! Products laying around your house to stay looking good!

    Hey folks, if you are anything like me, your skin wrecks havoc during the wintertime. Because of this, I thought I'd do a little share on how to keep looking good all year round. Hopefully it helps some of you. 1. Sugar! Sugar is great to use for exfoliation (removing dead skin cells). The...
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    Got a new puppy dog today!

    A lady on Craigslist posted an ad today saying Mr. Handsome here was headed to the pound...Long story short, here's Zeus y'all! :)
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    Look at this terribly formatted ad!

    Was watching a YouTube video tonight and noticed this terribly formatted ad. How does that even get approved? This is what the ad is supposed to look like. How is that even close?
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    How to use images inside text - A video tutorial

    Hi everyone. I wanted to share a quick tutorial. I got nervous for some reason and made a few mistakes, but hopefully that will improve as I make more tutorials. I'm definitely not the best 'shopper here, but I hope this inspires others to share. ;) Hope it helps! End result...
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    Increasing your Moderated Blog Comment Approval rate: Basic Method + Pics + Downloads

    Auto approve blog comments are definitely still a quick and easy way to get backlinks and advertising for your website, and they do still hold value, but due to ever increasing abuse, the value can disappear before it ever had a chance to impact your rankings. So for this reason, my new focus...
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    Paypal Payment After Delivery

    Hey Everyone, Last night I went to pay for a subscription service, and noticed a seemingly new feature available called "Pay After Delivery". Apparently as long as you have a good buying history and a bank account attached to your Paypal account, you can make a purchase on an item and be...
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    Father's Day

    First off, Happy Father's Day! What did you get your Dad for Father's day? If you are a Father, what are you hoping for? :) Do you celebrate Father's day? If you do not celebrate Father's day tomorrow, is there any other day of the year in your country just for Fathers?
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    Stop treating the Shit List like the Lounge

    I'm trying to bring this up without stepping on any toes, but this has been bothering me for some time now. The Shit List is a very important matter and should be regarded as such. Many of us are full time IM'ers and we know the gravity of keeping a good name. With that being said, all the...
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    Happy 30th Birthday Schwagoo!

    Today is Schwagoo's 30th B-day...a pretty monumental day in one's life, and I just wanted to help get it started off with a bang by getting the BHW fam to wish him a great one. Happy Birthday Brian!!
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    Happy Bangla New Year!

    Just wanting to say happy new years to all the Bengali peeps out there. :)
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    Happy Birthday Howard_Hughes!

    ...and many, many more!
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    Bot coder

    Looking for a bot coder. PM me if you're experienced. It's not super technical, but it does require captcha and needs to work with a site. I'm not interested in giving too much info publicly, but if you think you're knowledgeable in bot coding, shoot me a PM. Please note I know the market price...
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    Warning about letting your domains expire

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to give everyone a little warning about something that you may or may not already know about. I registered an expired domain a few days ago and when I checked the catch-all email today, I noticed an email from Payoneer about a payment which was deposited into the...
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    Welcome to the shitlist, Binnn!

    Binnn posted a thread on 2/20 saying he needed to borrow $10 to payoneer. I posted that I could help out and would like to know what it was needed for. He pmed me and said it was to pay for hosting. Payoneer wouldn't let me send less than $20 and I ate the fees, so it totaled $20.78. He told me...