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    Free video likes and comments for Youtube 2018

    Hi, pleople, I want to open this thread so we can discuss about free alternatives to get likes and comments (and maybe views if anyone finds one that doesn't drop) I have tried three sites that offer free likes, comments (and views). I have not tested them for views yet because I just needed...
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    are bought Youtube views working safely today?

    Hi, everyone. I have been out of Youtube for more than 2 years. Now that I want to come back I have been reading a lot of threads in these section to update myself about how things are working nowadays.. I would like to ask, after the big recent update, how're things going today? many thread...
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    Tube assist 2016, anyone using it?

    I am in a urgent need to promote my channel. My channel doesn't violate the Youtube's rules. It is a channel of my own music videos. So I really want to know if anyone is using Tube Assist these days, and if it really help to promote your channel and increase your audience. I really appreciate...
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    Supplier of geo targeted views from Latin America? Please, suggestions

    I want to rank a video with content targeted for Latin America. So I need a good supplier of views coming from Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, etc
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    Buying YT Video Likes lower the retention?

    This is a question I have in my mind for a while. Everyone knows how important retention is for rank. So, if I buy video likes, the accounts that enter into my video will only press like button and leave. So that would affect my retention in a negative way, right? I may be wrong. Please give me...
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    Do you want a Spotify Premium Account as a gift?

    I just created a Spotify Premium Account for 1 month. I won't use it. Anyone wants it?
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    HELP: How to hide a d f l y as source for youtube views?

    Hi everyone. Hope you can help in this matter. I have a blog and I am sending traffic to my youtube videos through a d f l y links. The problem is that I don't want Youtube to see that the source of the views is a d f l y. There's any way to hide that?