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    For the past 4-5 days, I rarely sleep!

    Just go with it. Sometimes you can come up with good ideas then. Most weeks only have about six days for me the last month or so. Though going asleep now, at 1-2pm, can be the worst if you are trying to regulate it to be more normal times, as waking up at 9pm is waking in no-mans-land.
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    What is your favorite quotes? This is mine.

    If you're frightened of dying and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth. - Jacob's Ladder movie
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    Is there anything I can do about Scrapebox license if I have to reinstall Windows?

    Sorry I jsut checked my email there about the process and it was called a 'license transfer'. It also said at the time my next free license transfer would be the start of the next month.
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    Is there anything I can do about Scrapebox license if I have to reinstall Windows?

    I hadn't used my scrapebox in a few years and in the meantime I had installed windows 10 with a clean install. When I reinstalled my scrapebox a few weeks ago it was ok. I had to get a reactivation code or something sent but it only took a few hours to get it working again. I don't think it's...
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    Alternatives to launching an ICO?

    Bare in mind this is very new to me so I'm as much just talking it out loud to try and understand and get a bigger picture of how everything may work together. Also, as full disclosure, I am trying to incorporate blockchain into it rather than starting from a place of thinking, 'I need to use...
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    Alternatives to launching an ICO?

    I'd be interested on peoples thoughts on what alternative routes someone could take if they wanted to launch a blockchain related project. From looking at ICOs and the funding they get I think the sort of money been thrown around is too massive and comes with too much responsibility. Let me...
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    BFF - Bitcoin Caffe is safer?

    If you google 'bff coin' it will bring up the ANN thread on bitcointalk.
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    BFF - Bitcoin Caffe is safer?

    Never heard of BFF either. Maybe he's trying to trick you into 'best friend forever' for payment? Just searched and looks like it is a new coin. Could drop like a stone. Make sure to get BTC for now if it's crytpo payment. As above, just get him to change it first.
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    I am having a big day tommorrow.

    Firm handshake
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    Hair loss

    Forget about the Minoxidil and cures. You are just going to prolong the time spent having to deal with loosing it. It's a big commitment having to rub something into your head everyday for the rest of your life, and expensive. And god knows how your particular body will react to it , good or...
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    'start conversation' is a PM here right?
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    Thanks pofigy. PM with wallet address sent
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    Conor McGregor causes a ruckus at UFC media day, confronts van carrying fighters

    I can't see him actually doing time for this. I think at worst he will be sued for a lot and not be allowed back into the U.S. again.
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    Conor McGregor causes a ruckus at UFC media day, confronts van carrying fighters

    Become his dealer would be your best bet at this stage. The world is yours Conor!
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    Is it crazy to think Google could be listening to our phones for local business mentions?

    I was amazed recently when a young relative was able to talk into a smartphone and get a youtube video of a new snake game up (they don't seem to play games these days, only watch others). Obviously the smartphone must have learned the voice at an initial input stage. I can't see how it isn't...
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    Matthew Barby <[email protected]> Cashing in on Crypto's

    Thanks. There are a lot of people doing well out of crypro without investment alright. Take a look at Themeforest and the most popular ICO theme at the moment has sold over 500 copies the last month. Yeah I don't have the head for trading at all. Tried it for about 6 months back in 2014 but I...
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    Web design development and programming

    I would reccommend you maybe look at some sort of full-stack approach. Even if you don't plan on building websites it is very helpful to know html/css to some degree. You should look at Coursera for tutorials. You can get them for free by using the 'audit' option.(you just won't get graded or...
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    Internal link to same page

    Recently I've seen a few articles which have links in them, 2 or more, to the same article/page they come from. The links generally seem to use different anchor words in their linking. Is this bad practice and used only for short term ranking or something?
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    Matthew Barby <[email protected]> Cashing in on Crypto's

    Just lauched a site which ticks almost all the same boxes, both red and green. Modified a html template and it took abbout 2 months to make and pretty happy with design/features. Only way I have figured out to try and monitise it, besides affiliate links to cryptopia etc, is by offering ICOs...
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    Make $100 Per Day Crap Threads!!!

    Going to give this method a try when the weather improves