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    $10k Current Listing - Flippa upgrades, worth it in 2018?

    so nobody with real experience just a load of opinions, great.
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    I have been working with adsense and taboola for almost a month now and mediablam have paid me early which is good news. Anyone else have experience with them? I want to see if they will be reliable for the long term like adsense/taboola have been for me. I have a celeb...
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    CPA network buying tech support pop up calls

    Pre payment terms? Are you expecting a network to pay you as a publisher or am i missing somthing here?
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    How I Made $197,776.75 with only ONE Youtube Channel! Ask Me Anything!

    Well, my opinion is that this person is full of rubbish. People need to be very vigilant on this site when it comes to these types of threads. I am inclined not to believe a word you say. I have also read all your replies and there is absolutely zero information in them that would convince me...
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    Buy Approved Adsense Accounts 10% Off For review Copy

    Actually I have two skype contacts who also purchased accounts from you that had their accounts disabled after 2 to 3 weeks as well. Would you like me to post proof here? So its not just me that has had accounts disabled. Also, I never done anything to the accounts and they were detected by...
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    Adsense question

    Your opinion is NOT my reality. So all sites sold are sold because there failing or because an idiot buys them? Go give that advice to Yahoo, they could of done with your words of wisdom prior to acquiring Tumblr, or perhaps to AOL before buying Bebo. You presume I sold to an individual? LOL, go...
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    Adsense question

    LOL, I don't spend all my time frequenting BH forums. My post count means nothing in reality nor does a post count here equate to experience, surely you understand that having 1,000+ posts on a forum doesn't mean anything. I am certainly not a newbie. Perhaps actually commenting here I am but...
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    Buy Approved Adsense Accounts 10% Off For review Copy

    I purchased two accounts from this seller, I never touched them for 20 to 30 days and when I went to check on them they had been disabled. Total waste of time and money. I don't recommend this service at all. When I contacted him to explain that I only logged in to check them then left them to...
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    Adsense question

    This has to be the worst advice I have seen ever. Of course you can make money with adsense they are the best paying network out there overall. Yes, if you can drive traffic to your site via organic keywords then you can make money regardless of what the CPC is on the keywords that send...