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    How long do bought backlinks last?

    I've heard if a buy from backlink packages, they give a ranking increase but it is temporary. This sounds good for churn and burn sites. How long does the ranking boost last?
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    Translated content

    For bulk content (so no manual revisions), is it possible to index/rank with GOOGLE translated content, from English to another language? What if a "pivot" language is used inbetween, e.g., English -> German -> Spanish?
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    Do posts need metadata and images to rank/index well?

    Or does this not impact ranking? By metadata I mean things like tags, categories, meta tag, etc. By images I primarily mean a post image.
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    How to index millions of pages?

    I mean shitty pages, like spun and translated content. How do I get it to index faster?
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    Subdomain penalties?

    If I have a network of sites spread across subdomains, and some of them get penalized by Google, does that mean the others will too?
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    Anonymously paid ad networks

    Hello, I am looking for a SFW ad network that has anonymous sign up and approval, as well as a payout through crypto or some other anonymous format. Any suggestions?
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    New website - pages being deindexed

    So I was obsessively tracking my page indexing for my new website (~2 weeks) and noticed some weird google behavior. They indexed a fair chunk of my pages overnight but then a few hours later I saw they were deindexed. Hours later they're still deindexed. Is this normal behavior?
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    How do you scrape google nowadays?

    It's impossible, Ive been through so many rotating proxy solutions and 95% of my requests are blocked. Just not efficient at all
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    How bad is self-duplicate content?

    By self-duplicate I mean duplicate content that is found elsewhere on your website. For example if you have two pages "how to eat red apples" and "how to eat green apples" and the first half in both articles is the same section, "What are apples?". Does this hurt the rankings of one, none, or...
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    Big G blocking scraping requests

    Hi I wrote a python scraper and it sent thousands of requests to google, but then got banned and I can't get it to run again. I am use storm proxies that change IP on every request.why would this happen?
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    Anonymous ad services

    Hi I have an anonymous hosted website that I want to put ads on but don't want to reveal too much info to the ad company. Having a hard time finding any services, any ideas?
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    Hiding information from the big G

    Hi all, I want to create a number of black hat sites, but they cannot be attached to my info because g might catch wind of them and blacklist my name/info specifically or apply penalties to future sites. Or something like that. Whether they even do this is another question, but I want to be...
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    Rankings decrease

    Hey all, I run a white hat store with a blog that has around 70 articles. I had some decent results at first, but they were mediocre - around 500 page views a day. The niche is competitive. I stopped publishing articles, and over the span of 6-8 months, our page views dropped to around 10-20...
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    Long tail key words?

    How do I find a large amount of long tail key words? Any software that is best for this?
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    Mobile Proxies?

    I'm looking to build an instagram army, but mobile proxies are like $90 a month, and Ive heard this is the only way to keep your account. SMS verification and other fees add to this too. How are some people making profit doing this? What am I missing?
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    Article Spinning

    Is mass article spinning still effective for ranking a website? Can Google detect when an article is spun easily?
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    Reddit Upvote Conditions

    what is needed for a reddit acc to be able to upvote? I made one on Tor and its upvotes look shadow banned. does it need to be aged, or on a different IP quality or something else?