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    50$ to finish a prelanding page

    Hello i'm looking for someone to finish my landing page, I'm ready to pay up 100$ if it's finished in like 2/3 days. If you are interested come in private thanks It's almost finished, for more information come in private
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    [HELP] How to by pass hidden cookie ?

    I just noticed that website like tagged remember me even if I clear my cookies, even if I change my IP, my browser. It result in getting ghosted, I can still create new account but nobody answer my message (eventough I got a really decent girl and spammed 1500 people). I am using g-mail address...
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    How to get a valid email adress without phone number ?

    I'm trying to find a way to get an good email adress, without phone number. I recently found out that thrash email were ghosted on a lot of website. So I'm looking for one like Yahoo/gmail. Any Idea ?
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    Hello, I need a tip from a graphist

    I would like to make a video/gif on a white background, of number going from 1 to 1000. Thanks for reply
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    How to put an overlay on an android without recording ?

    I would like to screen my phone (phone 1) with an other phone (phone 2 ), and I would like to set up an overlay on the phone 1, do you know any program I could use ? It's just to set up a fake gold number. I found how to do it on post prod, but it would mean I would have to launch a video on...
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    How to make money without phone number

    Hey guys, I know your first reaction "what the hell this retard is saying" But first, I leave in Belgium, where you need to link your phone number to your Identity (via a card reader). As you will understand, I don't really want to link my identity to a phone number in a cell phone. Beceause I...
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    new here

    Yo I'm a belgian random thrash person, I'm 20, vierge, no friend, looking to make money in order to buy me a place to leave and leave the stupid university I am in.