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    Can you please activate paypal for: jjricks
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    [Help] It PayPal holds payment does it apply to all account

    Hello, I have recently started selling on PayPal and after receiving 3 payments totaling ~1k USD, upon the forth payment of ~300 USD the payment was placed on hold for 21 days, the account wasn't limited, just the payment was placed on hold. Now, I am considering switching to my other account...
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    iGramTool ★ Instagram account creator ★ create bulk accounts

    Hey I love the tool, it's an invaluable service, I'm just curious as to how often you recommend to change GUID?
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    Proxies for mass account creation

    Appreciate the helpful reply man. I will definitely be checking out those services and subscribing to the "best" option of those in the near future. Could I also ask you whether yahoo mails are still feasible for account creation, I saw that on valar-solutions he recently added that "yahoo...
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    Proxies for mass account creation

    I am seeking a rotating proxy provider for mass account creation, I plan on making massive amounts of accounts and have tried Storm rotating proxies but didn't have very much success with these. Does anyone have a provider they could recommend that they've had success with? So far the only...
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    iGramTool ★ Instagram account creator ★ create bulk accounts

    I've watched the youtube tutorial of this tool in action and it seems to be exactly what I was searching for. I don't understand how one would go about using rotating private proxies with this when all examples show a list of multiple proxies being imported. What if I only uploaded 1 gateway ip...
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    1400 accounts instantly disabled upon creation

    Something very strange happened just a few minutes prior. I loaded 1,500 accounts into a popular automated account creator software (I won't include the name at the risk of harming the reputation of said program as the problem is definitely not related to the software) using proxies and...
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    Good idea, it's definitely worth a try although I've heard IG's customer support is some of the worst. I'll update with their response. Yeah I feel like this may be the best option to handle it. However, this whole ordeal has been slowly escalating to the point that it's at now for close to a...
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    Unfortunately, he went extremely hard and managed to gain a larger following than me during the 1-2 period I was slacking off and focusing on another account. I don't know how to fight back however, because in theory even if my whole following were aware, If I were to reciprocate the attack, my...
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    Well I've recently crossed paths with a sociopath unbeknownst to me on Instagram. I run a page in the personal niche and a few months back I noticed a particular user was consistently engaging my most active followers, which turned into him copying my picture, same pose, clothes, smoking the...
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    Your Power Like Service Provider on Instagram

    I am very interested in purchasing this service if it's still available.