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    warning about EATSTOPEAT

    i ve been promoting vendor EATSTOPEAT for years now. before i get money from upsells, now i get zero money from all upsells, just a few bucks for the first sell. i am attaching 1 example of many. 9 upsells and zero payments for me. i send many emails to 'brad' but he never ansers. i will stop...
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    red tea detox scamming affiliates

    Ii’m going to provide you 100% proof that red tea detox vendor is taking affiliate sfor a ride. however, before I do, I know the vendor has about 10 shill accounts here so expect a lot of ‘’’users’’’’ calling me a lair and defending him if yuou are registered as an affiliate with this scammer...
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    CanYaCoin (CAN)

    What's everyone's take on CanYa? Their ICO was on monday and they're up 35% already. I've bought some as I definitely see value in this coin since unlike many other ICOs taking place online today, CanYa has a working platform available As reported on "CanYa...
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    ***PRELAUNCH*** Untapped evergreen beauty niche, $20 per sale, experienced vendor

    Dear BHW, I'm pleased to announce my latest Clickbank Product. It is an ebook about How to Get The Perfect Eyebrows, which is a heavily searched niche and an obviously evergreen one. Please do check out my sales page - it is uniquely designed and written by a professional copyrighter; I am...