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  1. handmadebots

    Interesting Times... Google Is Threatening The Government Of Australia

    No wonder, they got so big... we made them big
  2. handmadebots

    Some legit Info about Corona?

    Maybe I do ?
  3. handmadebots

    Some legit Info about Corona?

    it's BS
  4. handmadebots

    i need skill learning suggestions

    I would rather call that "lost technology"
  5. handmadebots

    i need skill learning suggestions

    3D graphics and AI are two completely different things. If you do a good job at learning just one of them, whichever it is, but learn it so you master it (which won't be easy), you won't be disappointed with the income at the end (even 10 years from now). But nobody can tell you which way to go...
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    Looking for Web developer

    A nodeJS web app would be good in your situation. It's the best for this type of tasks. PM with more details and a budget if you're still looking.
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    need a coder to build a purchasing bot

    I can probably help out. Check my BST thread here
  8. handmadebots

    Bot Builder - AMZ - Selenium or Similar

    Send me a PM with more details
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    How to contact owner of parked domain?
  10. handmadebots

    Looking for someone to post on my websites (Mp3 Download)

    Ever thought of automating the process ? Get at me if interested
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    Need Python Programmer to Make 2Captcha Script

    If you're still looking send me a PM
  12. handmadebots

    Bot to test codes

    Still looking ? Send me a PM
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    Need Android Developer

    Send me a PM with the app name if you're still looking.
  14. handmadebots

    Bot request

    Not necessarily. Get at me if you're still looking. Here's my BST thread.
  15. handmadebots

    Income with push notification?

    Can be done in any language not just java. Or you mean JavaScript ? Ye, you'll need to hire someone or buy something already built or use a service
  16. handmadebots

    Income with push notification? This will get your started. You do need to have a background in JavaScript to get the full picture, but it's not as complicated as it might look.
  17. handmadebots

    Income with push notification?

    You can have your own push notification system, without depending on 3rd party services and send the pushes / notifications to subscribers from your own server.
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    [WTH] Twitter Developer

    Check my BST thread here Can help out if you're still looking
  19. handmadebots

    I need an ARCHIVE.ORG bulk url extractor with proxy support!!!

    PM me your skype, I can help you out
  20. handmadebots

    Requests vs Selenium

    It really depends on what your goal is. True, usually the auxiliary stuff is rendered, but not necessarily. The site could or could not give a damn about those useless request. In most cases, they don't give a damn, but I could build you a prototype website that cares about those, and if not...