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  1. Genie100

    Looking for someone to post links in High Authority websites - Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan etc.

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can publish articles with do follow and permanent backlinks in high authority websites. specifically fashion websites like the ones mentioned above and similar. Thanks!
  2. Genie100

    Get In CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other top magazines. Find Out More.

    Interested. please send me price list and samples. Thanks!
  3. Genie100

    [FUTURE X] ★Extremely Powerful Metrics!★Home Page Posts★ TF 25+ DA/PA 25+ *** HUGE DISCOUNT ***

    Please send me samples for fashion and religion niches. and discount code. Thanks!
  4. Genie100

    Looking for links from the following sites

    Do-follow permanent links -
  5. Genie100 stopped working ???

    Any other ideas. All options mentioned above are down.
  6. Genie100

    [FREE]Shutterstock, Gettyimages, Adobestock Downloader

    Not really working anymore. Anyone has other suggestions?
  7. Genie100

    What tools are you using?

    What's a VA?
  8. Genie100

    What tools are you using?

    Good response! Thank you!!!
  9. Genie100

    What tools are you using?

    I tend to agree with you but I was curious if there is anything else out there worthwhile using. Anything to be able to better analyse and promote my sites. SEO / Social media / Bloggers outreach / Influencers....
  10. Genie100


    Hi. I'd need one. Please PM me with details. Thanks!
  11. Genie100

    What tools are you using?

    Hi! What tools do you use to maintain your websites that you highly recommend? Obviously AHREFS, SEMRUSH. but what else? Tools for SEO, writing articles, grammar, analysis..... Thanks!
  12. Genie100

    Overspend for links without result

    If you've found good help that showed results please share. Thanks!
  13. Genie100 - SMM Reseller Panel - Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Twitter/PVA Accounts Provider

    Interested for a review copy please. Username : shongilon
  14. Genie100

    Anyone heard about SEO agency called SEOFIED?

    Point taken!
  15. Genie100

    Anyone heard about SEO agency called SEOFIED?

    Did not sign up... so I guess you can call it spam ;-)