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  1. menomoreira

    I need a VA for a repetitive telegram task

    Hi, I need someone who can search for telegram groups in a specific niche and contact their owners privately with a copy/paste message. I'll pay 5$ for each 30 group owners you contact.
  2. menomoreira

    JV | We create a Coin, You Market it. 50%/50%

    Hey guys, At the moment I have a team of three amazing people, 1 developer/copywriter, 1 amazing designer, and 1 marketeer. We understand blockchain and we've created several crypto coins, however, we're having difficulty creating hype around them We're looking for someone who has the ability...
  3. menomoreira

    Need a VA to contact Influencers

    Hi, I have a product to promote and I need someone to contact Twitter and tiktok influencers related to the niche. Please PM me with your price.
  4. menomoreira

    Looking for a VA to post on Facebook Groups and Reddit

    Hey, Looking for a VA who can promote a crypto coin (serious project) on facebook groups and reddit posts/subreddits. I am willing to pay per post. Will pay daily. PM me with your price.
  5. menomoreira

    Just Invested 1k on this Shitcoin | Will comeback to post pics of my lambo

    So I've been opening some crypto-related threads recently about me betting some small amounts on random shitcoins and making some money of of it. Just discovered a new shitcoin $PEEPO which I think has a huge potential to 100x in the next few weeks. I happen to know from a friend that they...
  6. menomoreira

    Do you know how PPC agencies charge their clients?

    Hey guys, I've been researching about ppc agencies and how to they work and charge clients, however, I'm finding that they all charge differently. Let's say I own a ppc agency that runs fb and google ads for a client. That client wants to invest 1000$ per month on ads. How would I take my...
  7. menomoreira

    I'm investing money in shitcoins using this method

    Hey guys, I just decided to try something with shitcoins. I'm basically going to coingecko top 100 "recently added" coins and then I organize them by 24h volume. Then I find some cheap ones and I do a little bit of research to check if there's any community behind them. If there is, then I...
  8. menomoreira

    I have this basic idea to make money

    Hey, Let's say I live in a small country, where there's almost no competition in all the main making money niches online. Now let's say I grab a very famous website about kitchen recipes on the US and I decide to create a website in my language copying and manually translating (and making...
  9. menomoreira

    I have a lot of Adult traffic - how to monetize it?

    Hey guys, I have a lot of adult traffic mainly from social media accounts. Besides crackrevenue , lospollos, adverten or similar networks how would you monetize this traffic? Is there any network you would recommend? Geos are mostly US and Brazil. I'm also open to joint ventures.
  10. menomoreira

    Can I get your opinion on this Adult Domain?

    Hey guys, Just found this domain I've noticed that it has a lot of backlinks and RD's however they seem to be from a huge porn PBN that seems super spammy to me. My take is that the domain is not worth a lot, but I could be wrong. Can I get your input on this? Thanks
  11. menomoreira

    Looking for SEO Partner for Porn Site : 50/50%

    Hey guys, Got a porn website that's very simple and well built and has the potential to become the first on some keywords with 700k to 1M monthly searches. I'm looking for an SEO partner with experience who can help me develop the website and get to the top of those keywords (the top websites...
  12. menomoreira

    Do you keep track of ALL the backlinks you build?

    Hey guys, I've been building links for a long time and I've always used an excel sheet to track all the backlinks I build and the ones that are already indexed or not. I think most people I know use a system like this or similar. However, I would like to know if and how you guys keep track...
  13. menomoreira

    [Advice Needed] CPU and Bandwidth Spikes on Ubuntu 18.04 Running WordPress

    Hey guys, I've set up a WordPress website on digital ocean with the following server specs 1 GB Memory / 25 GB Disk / LON1 - Ubuntu WordPress on 18.04. This is their most basic plan since this website is new and has like 10 visits a day only. I'm also using stackpath cdn. However, I am having...
  14. menomoreira

    Web Hosting Needs Calculator - Beginner Friendly

    Hey Guys, So, as a lot of people here in the forum, I have little to no experience when it comes to understanding server requirements and what hosting to choose for a specific type of website. I was looking for a tool online that would allow a newbie like me to estimate what specs I would need...
  15. menomoreira

    Looking for PBN links for adult niche.

    Anyone providing pbn links for adult niche? If so, please DM me with samples and price so I can check it out. Thanks
  16. menomoreira

    Trump and Melania infected with Covid-19

    Trump just announced on Twitter that he and his wife Melania are infected with covid-19. As he wrote: “Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!” Cold this be a marketing move? What...
  17. menomoreira

    An old man was selling watermelons

    Saw this on a social media post and decided to share it here: ---- An old man was selling watermelons. His price list reads: 1 watermelon = $3.00 3 watermelons = $10.00 A young man stopped and bought 3 watermelons individually - paying $3 for each. As the young man was walking away he...
  18. menomoreira

    Facebook is removing the 20% text rule on ads

    Facebook decided it was finally time to remove its 20% text rule on ads. They are contacting advertisers saying that "...we will no longer penalize ads with higher amounts of image text in auctions and delivery." These are great news for everyone who regularly works with Facebook ads...
  19. menomoreira

    Putin Just Announced ‘World’s First’ Coronavirus Vaccine

    Putin just announced about two hours ago that “This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered,” in a televised cabinet session broadcast. The news is spreading all around the world and there are already some articles saying that this...
  20. menomoreira

    Unlimited App Developer Emails - Any ideas on how to monetize?

    Hey guys, So as the title says I've got access to unlimited, daily updated, google play developer emails for all the new apps that come out and of course, all the existing ones, but I have no idea how to monetize this. I've searched for Clickbank offers related to apps or app growth but I...