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  1. BloggerTonmoy

    Amazon Affiliate Question

    Hello BHW ! Hope you all are doing great. I just purchased an Amazon Affiliate site. I did run a quick aduit and saw a lots of products are not available on Amazon. What Should I do with this issue? Having the product reviews but the product is not available. How you do deal with this! And...
  2. BloggerTonmoy

    Help Me To Monetize My Targeted Leads

    Hello BHW Family, Hope everyone is safe. I have a Dog Site and I used to rank somehow few good keywords and I'm getting now Daily 5 Leads who are ready pay me for the Dog/Puppies those I have on my site. But I really just don't know how to monetize these leads . I'm attaching the leads...
  3. BloggerTonmoy

    Badly needed recommendation for Social Media

    Hi, Looking for recommendation for service those offers Real Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and other sosica medias fans, followers, likes comments. Those who guarantee for Non Drop and real services. Thanks in advance
  4. BloggerTonmoy

    Urgently needed FB accounts with marketplace enabled

    I badly needed Facebook accounts with marketplace enabled in India. Needed in bulk quantity. But I would like to have a test with 5 accounts. So please let me know if anyone can make a quick deal. I want to get 5 accounts within today or tomorrow. Thanks in advance
  5. BloggerTonmoy

    Looking for Facebook aged account

    Hey, I am looking for folks who are selling Facebook aged Accounts with complete profile. Actually I need in bulk quantity. but I want to do a test so I want to go first with 5-10 accounts. Thanks.
  6. BloggerTonmoy

    Facebook accounts

    I badly needed few good amounts of aged accounts based on India. If anyone know the best place to outsource please help me.
  7. BloggerTonmoy

    Suggest me Group Buy Tools

    Hello, I'm looking for group buy SEO tools. Please suggest me few good sellers/website if you personally used. I mostly needed these tools: 1. ahrefs 2. semrush 3. Moz pro 4. majestic And other seo tools would be grateful too..
  8. BloggerTonmoy

    please recommend me the best SMM panel

    I'm looking for a good SMM panel and trusted sources to get Social media boost like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, G+, IG and other as well... I used few services from here but honestly they are really cheap with their service and their support team too.. they don't do what they make promises...
  9. BloggerTonmoy

    Youtube Video Ranking- Questions

    One of my friend just opened a new channel on Tutorial niche. Mostly he is making Drawing tutorial.Well, he made a video on a Topic "How to draw a rose" (Linked here). How I can rank this keyword for him? I made a video almost 1 year ago and it got ranked easily. I did not do anything there...
  10. BloggerTonmoy

    Badly needed Twitter followers

    I'm looking for 2K twitter followers for my two accounts. Each one needs 1K followers. Would like to get more around like 100K. But this is a small task to check quality works. Please let me know if anyone can do this for me. Thanks in advance
  11. BloggerTonmoy

    Apps download story/business

    Hello guys, we are into blogging and SEOs so far. I was searching about a new things and got an idea about that business. It's Apps download or something related that. Anyone have proper business with this? Or any good cause study here and there? Hope you guys will share the real ideas in this...
  12. BloggerTonmoy

    Looking for Real Reviews of some SEO agency

    Hey guys, how are you doing? Hope you guys are doing great. And ranking and banking in this 2018 :) Well, looking for some honest reviews of some SEO services. Or you can guys recommend me the best service from here or others places. I would like to outsources some SEO's. 1st I would like to...
  13. BloggerTonmoy

    10beasts discussion ( Whats the secret)

    10beasts, Everyone knows about this one and I'm sure you guys noticed that it was hit and lost it's keywords ranking. And within no time (2-3 days) again it's get back it's all keywords position. Well, Many SEO's were taking that, it was a manual penalty. If it was that then how he could...
  14. BloggerTonmoy

    Youtube SEO Just started

    Hello guys, I had a major bike accident last year and then I was off-line for more than almost 10 months and just want to re-start my business again. But it getting to hard to start my business with out money. So, I think to start a Youtube channel. Well, I'm not good at creating videos on...
  15. BloggerTonmoy

    How he is ranking on every single keywords ?

    Hello Guys, if you are in Amazon Affiliate and doing Niche site blogging then I'm damn sure that you must known about Lukman. The guy behind of . This buddy is ranking almost every keywords he is targeting and making good amount of money. Here are a lot's of SEO gurus. So, my...
  16. BloggerTonmoy

    Amazon+Click Bank+Youtube $$$$$$

    Hello Guys, I know a lot's of guys from here killing Amazon, Click bank with Youtube.. I did try with Click bank and Youtube but my conversation is really really very poor.. I know, it's for the Content.. CAZ, I do myself won't buy anything by watching just that fucking slide video.. But I do...
  17. BloggerTonmoy

    Google Upldate***Something is happing

    Hello Guys, is there any Google update. I got some positive result from last night. What's your result?
  18. BloggerTonmoy

    Black Friday SEO discount

    Hello Guys, I'm looking for best Black Friday SEO deal. But I will go with only the best guys here. I don't want to go with new guys here who just joined. I like to go first with the Proven result guys here. So, What I am looking for this Black Friday offer? Well, I'm looking for big big...
  19. BloggerTonmoy

    Best Books on Internet marketing and Internet Business

    What are your favorite books on Internet marketing and Internet Business as well ? Can you guys recommend me few books, you read and learn few good things. P:S: I love to order only the Print Books from Amazon or other as well
  20. BloggerTonmoy

    How to check out other PBN links

    Hello guys, I really wanted to know about a thing, as well I'm not good in PBN. So, as I know, PBN links can be hide from Search Engine or something like this. I really don't know. So, here are few questions: 1. If the links hide then how this is beneficial ? 2. When you are doing Keyword...