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  1. rusemag99

    Mobile App Cookie

    Anyone know a way to attach a cookie to autofill referral code or other way to have the app, after installed, to have a ref code in the form when they create account? Thanks!
  2. rusemag99

    Pinterest campaign

    looking for someone who has a Pinterest bot and is experienced in generating traffic with it. PinBot, etc. please send me your plan and how much a test campaign will cost and which bot you will use. thanks.
  3. rusemag99

    Flat fee #1 ad spot on Google Adwords

    is there such a thing? i have heard it can be done, or used to be- by someone who works at google, i think.
  4. rusemag99

    looking to create 1-2 page website using Porto html template

    i'm looking to create a quick website that's simple and functional and looks really good! using the Porto html template, that is ready to go on my server. please send any sample work and price quote by pm. need work done asap.
  5. rusemag99

    Looking to clone a YouTube channel + video edit

    i'm looking to clone a large youtube channel with 2-300 videos. need each video watermarked or edit video time length etc... also, would like similar video description and my links included if possible. all playlists must also be replicated. pm me your price and TAT.
  6. rusemag99

    download or clone blog

    hi- i'm looking to download all content from a blog (images, text). it is foreign text on korean naver blog. there's about 20-30 pages. i'd like to download all, or clone to wordpress. looking for someone with this kind of know how. pm me your price.
  7. rusemag99

    xtumble bot

    looking for a pro user of xtumblebot to create accounts for me to use in the program and anything else needed. or to set up and run a small campaign for me. pm me what you can do, and what your price is.
  8. rusemag99

    Pinterest- want to populate some accounts.

    looking for someone to populate some pinterest accounts (2-3) with pins (100+ pins per category), and hopefully you are experienced and know some tricks to set things up nicely i.e. some followers, enough categories, enough pins, or whatever. please pm me example pinterest accounts that you've...
  9. rusemag99

    piwik install and setup

    looking for something to install and setup piwik for about 10 sites on same vps. please pm price and experience. i'll looking to pay 1/2 upfront, 1/2 upon completion.
  10. rusemag99

    pinterest account

    looking for someone to build up a pinterest account from scratch. just create a few categories, post up pics + captions (easily found) based on my keywords etc.... and any other goodies that you can add! must be nice looking. will pay $30... 1/2 up front, 1/2 upon completion. if you...
  11. rusemag99

    forum designer

    looking for someone how's an expert at phpbb. i have it installed- just need logo popped in, and all the categories/threads setup/configured... change some links... setup basic configuration for usage.. hook me up! paying $25 by paypal. pm me with any example forums that you currently operate...
  12. rusemag99

    acloaker alternatives

    acloaker is down! any good alternatives to create redirect cloak file? aside from (they reject my url) i've searched for some but they all want opt-in or it's some kind of software. there must be an acloaker substitute? tnx.
  13. rusemag99

    coupon poster

    looking for someone to post my store's coupon to 20-50 coupon sites. someone who has a good list and experience doing this, please. pm me with quote.
  14. rusemag99

    aweber opt-in installation/tweaks

    looking for someone to replace old opt-in code with new aweber opt-in code on 5-10 pages in an html site. also, for a wordpress site- need the opt-in code edited and installed to just ask for email only. campaign is already set up at aweber.
  15. rusemag99

    atomic mail sender expert

    i'm looking for someone to help me get atomic mail sender set up properly- with an extensive smtp that i can import etc... i can get it working, but not as good as it should be. i can pay for good smtp list and quick guidance to get everything running smoothly. thanks!
  16. rusemag99

    email sending and email lists

    looking for some fresh email lists, or custom scraping jobs. and looking to mail out emails to those lists. pm with details of what you have and what can you do- thanks!
  17. rusemag99

    email html design

    i'm looking to design 1 html design email to use for email marketing. please send me any examples i could look at of your work. i'll pay 1/2 upfront, 1/2 upon completion.
  18. rusemag99

    WPEC Expert

    Looking for someone who knows how to set up WPEC plug-in for standard USA state tax rates. (each state with individual rates)
  19. rusemag99

    wordpress genesis theme fix

    i have a problem with the header menu bar, it's in a wrong position. it has to do with the header hook. need someone to fix for $10 paypal. pm me, thanks!
  20. rusemag99

    wpec coder

    looking for coder who MUST have adequate experience with the wp e-commerce plug-in. (the getshopped one) if you have not worked with this plug-in, please do not contact me. i just need a simple tweak that might require direct coding to the plug-in regarding shipping fees. after this tweak, i...