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  1. Justins

    [LOOKING FOR] credit card payment processor [SMM-niche]

    Hi, I recommend "Paytrace"
  2. Justins

    Is google adwords accept vcc ?

    Hi Bro, Can you share you contact info, looking for adwords & Bing account my skype is "paymentblr"
  3. Justins

    Good traffic source of Pay Per Calls?

    Yes what Yes what proxified said, Even i tried all the ways to create Travel campaign in AdWords eventually everything gets suspended.
  4. Justins

    Anyone Using

    Hello All, Anyone have hands on exp on, I need your hep.
  5. Justins

    How To Do SEO Like below

    Hello All, I was searching online for example keywords like "Gmail support number" or "yahoo support number", I see search result which Google indexed in 40min or 1 hour, How people submit community post from different sites on google, Please refer the images for a better idea.
  6. Justins

    Looking For Black Hat SEO For Technical Support

    Hello, All Looking For Black Hat SEO For Technical Support, The main target would be generating CALLS or LEADS on 24/7 basis, If someone has the experience on the sale, Someone has the experience on the same please ping me or comment your SKYPE ID, Looking for EXPERTS. Thank You, SKYPE: paymentblr
  7. Justins

    High Risk Payment Processor for big big volume

    I have contact me at skype @ paymentblr
  8. Justins

    Got Whitehat Campaign. Will pay 120% of Budget. Anyone offering Adwords Account on Rent ?

    Hello All, Can I use the aged account to run Technical support campaign?
  9. Justins

    Destination Mismatch Problem in Adwords Account

    Ohh k let me check on this.
  10. Justins

    Destination Mismatch Problem in Adwords Account

    I think you can't use facebook URL for your ads.
  11. Justins

    High-Risk Payment Processing

    First party would be you that means undercard statement it appears your company name, the Third party means you will be using someone else gateway, which we can provide you with less documentation. Quick Activation.
  12. Justins

    High-Risk Payment Processing

    OP, Are you looking for first party or third party gateway?
  13. Justins

    Gateway Need, usa,uk,canad,australia

    Still In search, Whats your nature of business?
  14. Justins

    High-Risk Payment Processing

    Hi, What's your nature of business?
  15. Justins

    I want Some One To Generate SEO Calls For My Technical Support Business

    Hello All, Can someone help me to generate SEO calls for my technical support business, Basically customer whoever is facing problem with their computer, router, Email, Printer or antivirus [can only generate on one thing also works for me] they should call on our toll-free number targetted...
  16. Justins

    Need Help regarding Google Adwords Suspension

    I am not talking about the cloaked campaign.
  17. Justins

    Need Help regarding Google Adwords Suspension

    Hi, I am not talking about the cloaked campaign, Genuine campaigns.
  18. Justins

    out bond data for tech support

    Tech Support: Supporting US & Canada based customers for computer related issues all software related. Basically selling subscription to cx by showing wrong info on the there computer, search youtube for videos, to understand better. BIG MONEY BOSS.