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  1. terezek

    Just Lowered ALL SMM Panel Prices | 24/7 Support + LIVE Chat | Social Media Growth |

    Hi there, Can I get $1 Test Balance? Could you activate credit cards/Stripe for my account? Username: teresek
  2. terezek

    [AMA] Ask Me Anything About WordPress 2021!

    One last question! Shoptimizer or Woodmart theme for a dropshipping store? I like woodmart but is slower(especially the mobile version) than shoptimizer and I can't decide!
  3. terezek

    [AMA] Ask Me Anything About WordPress 2021!

    1. Is there a similar plugin like Shopify's VITALS on Wordpress? (It has 40+ amazing apps so you don't have to install 500 different plugins.) 2. Best payment gateways plugins for wordpress? 3. What's the top 10 plugins you install on a ecommerce wordpreess site? 4. What's the best...
  4. terezek


    @Festinger can you add this theme? Fortunio I am a lifetime member. Thank you
  5. terezek

    Woocommerce/Dropshipping Physical Address Question

    Hi there, I am building a Woo site for dropshipping and searched but I didn't find a definite answer to this question. What address should I add for the store? At this time I haven't registered a business yet as I want to test the waters first for a couple of months to see if this thing is...
  6. terezek

    SMM Panel | INSTANTSMO | Ig Likes & views $0.01, followers $0.35, fb likes $0.7,Yt views $0.4 & More

    Can I have a review copy? I'd like Paypal enabled if it's possible. Username: Razimar Thnx
  7. terezek

    Would you trade money for happiness?

    Try to live with ~$300 per month and then you will understand why money bring happiness.
  8. terezek

    Would you trade money for happiness?

    Money may not buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Ferrari than on a bus.
  9. terezek

    Best Cheap VPN

    I consider Private Internet Access as your best choice.
  10. terezek

    Fiverr Review

    I will pay $10 for a 5 star review, you have to buy a $5 gig of course. Paypal only.
  11. terezek

    Top 3 Instagram Bots of 2018

    No1 Jarvee hands down. No2 Followliker.
  12. terezek

    If you had $1Million in cash and wanted to turn it into $10Million?

    Invest in drone industry and space companies.
  13. terezek

    Whats the best Instagram bot right now?

    Jarvee is by far the best right now.
  14. terezek

    Internet speed question

    Does anyone know how many ig accounts Jarvee or Followliker can handle with 50Mbps and 1Gbps? Actions will be only follow/unfollow.