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  1. hardik9099

    need a small help from someone having USA paypal account

    Hello people, I need a small help here. I am selling handcrafted item on eCommerce and i did the setup of PayPal as a checkout process. but when I try to test if it is working or not, it is showing error that the receiver not supporting your currency. so I want someone to check with their USA...
  2. hardik9099

    Which wordpress theme is this ?

    [mod edit: URL removed due to site owner request] which wordpress theme is this website using? wordpress theme detector was not showing any results , but the blog is on wordpress.
  3. hardik9099

    How to get app-ads.txt for facebook audience network ?

    i checked all the options available in the app dashboard in facebook developers but not found from where i can get the app-ads.txt text for my app. all the platforms including admob and others providing this type of one line of text to add in the domain provided in the app listing but am not...
  4. hardik9099

    is it posible ? twitter based project.

    hello, project title is "twitter based prediction for upcoming elections." in this project we are going to fetch twits releted to political parties and elections. and after analysis we will give prediction that which party will have bettrr chance of win this year. i am not a developer and...
  5. hardik9099

    Why i am not able to reply on my own thread? i created this thread, there is no any type of notice from any mod, and it is showing that.. (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.) am i missing something?
  6. hardik9099

    Want numbers for whatsapp accounts.

    whatsapp accounts getting banned if it gets reported by users. or because I spamming them with lots of link messages. i want some real working numbers. indian numbers will work. i want accounts on whatsapp. any seller here on BHW?
  7. hardik9099

    if you are using keyword installs in android read this

    <i am not sure if posting in right section: its Android-related post> Ok, so basically, keyword install means you pay users and in exchange, users search your given keyword in play store and install your app. it will increase CTR and position of your app in play store on that particular...
  8. hardik9099

    Whatsapp business blocked account - need help

    i am working with local business where we are doing fb ads for leads. when user click on "buy on whatsapp" link, they can directly contact seller for order. from our side, we wanted to send list of 5 products with price and one link of online payment page for order in greeting message...
  9. hardik9099

    want complete app/game : truth or dare

    truth or dare game for android. want complete source. some people buying this from internet. i dont know from where. i just want a working code for Android. ex. com/store/apps/details?id=com.therisingtechie.truthordare DM me your cost.
  10. hardik9099

    Where to promote adult apps?

    i have created one android app that is not accepted in facebook ads. not pure adult content like porn but with some nudity. app is live on playstore. google ads costing me nearly 1 to 1.5$ per install in third tier country. any other platform from where i can get good non-incentive traffic. ...
  11. hardik9099

    Which font is this ? font detector not able to find. anyone knows?

    I want this or similar font.. anyone here knows? help, please. < image link >
  12. hardik9099

    #ask app install remarketing to youtube followers

    is it possible to target youtube followers for app install campaign in AdWords? I am talking about youtube remarketing for app installs. I have 1,50,000 followers on youtube and want to promote my app.
  13. hardik9099

    website traffic dropped to half

    4-5 days ago i made some changing on server side and because of that my website become too slow like was taking 3-4X time to load and started showing 500 error sometimes. because of that my ranking dropped and traffic is like now 40% from what it getting 7 days ago. website is 8months old. i...
  14. hardik9099

    Expired domain 50+DA but not niche relevant

    I bought an expired domain with good link profile at very low cost. but currently, it is not in the niche I am looking for. is it ok to add different content rather than what was posted in old site? old content is education related. I have money site in electronics niche. option 1: i...
  15. hardik9099

    FL studio android app cracked APK

    hello all, I am looking for FL studio android app apk cracked. any help, please. **don't know about the category .. mod please move if in wrong section**
  16. hardik9099

    6 months old site. buying PBN links. whats your advice.

    no budget for building PBN. entertainment niche. + adsense site is 6 months old. some basic link building done like profile creation, web 2.0 and 2 guest posts. it is difficult to get guest posts as the site is like general downloading site. site DA: 16 was getting good traffic last...
  17. hardik9099

    is it ok to use .io domain?

    i know.. .com is more preffered and you all will suggest that. but .com or .net is not available ( costs 2000$ so close to no ). .io is available for what domain i want. many startups started using .io and sounds techy. question is: is it country specific domain? yes, it is. but...
  18. hardik9099

    Web push notification. here is the question.

    i have 46k+ subscribers in web push notification. using one signal. com . what if i export the users list and import it to another account. will i able to send the notifications? anyone here tricked like this. ? i have exported the user list but not yet, imported, may be there is chance to...
  19. hardik9099

    Copied content and still page is ranking

    check this. this website copied same content including images from tech crunch and it is get crawled and ranked by Google. i have checked some titles from tech crunch and this website is always there exact below the tech crunch link. i thought google do not index or...
  20. hardik9099

    admob account help!

    my admob account blocked for "invalid activity" i think someone clickbomb the ads in my android app. i was getting 15-20$ from organic reach, now zero... app is still on playstore getting installs. question is: can i use another admob in same app ? or they will ban it too. admob is paying...