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  1. Buzzika

    Influencers to follow about Digital Marketing / SEO

    I am going to start one about SEO and content marketing. Will send you the link when I do. It's going to be epic.
  2. Buzzika

    Google My Business Lisiting Verification WITHOUT Postcard

    Purchased GMB for a roofing company. He got it live pretty quick. It's a bit early to say, but so far so good. GMB listings are tough to get especially after Wuhan-virus lockdowns, so am happy I could get one for my site.
  3. Buzzika

    Hosting which accept indian payment

    GoDaddy accepts NetBanking payments, probably UPI too. Not sure about the prices. You can always find coupons to get a good discount.
  4. Buzzika

    Hello, trying to promote SARMs

    I have sold nootropics using SEO and Reddit in the past. Would love to take a look at your site and bounce some ideas. Ideally figure out a way to generate sales and get paid a percentage. I have some working knowledge about sarms as well. I am actually going to start a rad140+mk 677 cycle in...
  5. Buzzika

    How I Paid For The IM Life (Tragic Story)

    I thought you were referring to the nationality. As far as my opinion of your legal knowledge is concerned, if you get chargesheeted under section 307, I can't see how you can get out of it by spending just 5k, which you say you did.
  6. Buzzika

    How I Paid For The IM Life (Tragic Story)

    Am from NCR and that won't even get a lawyer to apply for bail for 5k. If he hasn't been booked yet, things are simpler. Your legal knowledge is very limited, or you didn't read what OP had to say. He quoted the exact sections he was booked under according to the Indian Penal Code. That would...
  7. Buzzika

    How I Paid For The IM Life (Tragic Story)

    If the FIR has been filed, the police is most likely going to go ahead with a chargesheet. OP has clearly stated he isn't good when it comes to social skills. A competent lawyer won't pursue the case for a few thousand rupees. A simple bail process alone costs upwards of 10-50k depending on the...
  8. Buzzika

    How I Paid For The IM Life (Tragic Story)

    Err. I don't think you're going to jail. Fire your lawyer first, get another lawyer. Build a case about how you're an ideal citizen except for this minor incident and how you were not negligent in the use of the firearms. A good lawyer would know how to bribe the police. Why do you need to...
  9. Buzzika

    Would you be interested in a link exchange platform?

    That is a valid concern. For the blogger, the platform would assume the responsibility of making sure a certain standard is upheld in terms of content and legitimacy of the sites being linked to. For the link buyer, the platform assumes the responsibility of making sure actual blogs are used...
  10. Buzzika

    Would you be interested in a link exchange platform?

    I know direct link exchanges aren't ideal between two sites. But what if there was a website/platform that manually reviewed member websites/blogs and assigned them a value depending on the backlinks, DA, age and other metrics. Say for example, my DA 40 marketing niche blog was valued at $30...
  11. Buzzika

    God Bless Indian Programmers!!!

    Is it against the rules to tell someone to fuck off? Just curious.
  12. Buzzika

    Good NYC Lawyers?

    Shit, didn't notice OPs username when I commented earlier. LOL
  13. Buzzika

    [JV] My Subreddit + Your Monetization

    Interested in hearing what the niche is. Ideally, you shouldn't start shilling products, services or ads that don't already have trust among the userbase. Think of your community as friends and only push products you would recommend to a friend. That's the only way to guarantee longevity of the...
  14. Buzzika

    Good NYC Lawyers?

    depends on the nature of the legal issue, innit?
  15. Buzzika

    Shoutout to all Israeli members

    What is that even supposed to mean?
  16. Buzzika

    Happy New Year Everyone 1441

    Calendars, like named days are a hyper-reality. There is no Sunday if masses don't call it as such. Same with the different calendar systems. Most of us exclusively use the Gregorian calendar system. You can't force someone to follow one man made system over another. That's like berating an...