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  1. DanielRayMazeII

    Social media reach question

    My question is how to reach diiferent areas. For example i live in a small town. How do i target large cities with big population with my social media. i know posting but not not all social media gives you enough # or character limit. Im trying connect worldwide but have no clue how to do...
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    Social media that pays you

    Ran into this site today but you can check it Supposedly they pay you for using the site
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum and ask any questions you have
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    Hey guys

    Welcome to the forum
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    Anybody knows how to bypass phone verify on twitter?

    It's a free service but you can buy actuall minutes like skype. Just need a cell # Not all social media works with it If you need someone to help I don't mind. Just to name a few. Don't work with Yahoo Line Works with Snapchat Facebook Twitter
  8. DanielRayMazeII

    Why are you not getting success online?

    Another reason is engagement I guess you could say.when I sms people on social media I don't get any response and that's on all platforms of social media. Like nobody wants to be social on social media
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    Welcome to the forum hope you have a good time here and learn lots
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    Welcome friend
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    Hello Everybody

    Welcome to the forums ask all the questions you have
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    Anybody knows how to bypass phone verify on twitter?

    Well true but has anyone tried using a proxies service to make like they live in the usa? Then sign up for it? I also got 2 Google voice numbers
  13. DanielRayMazeII

    Anybody knows how to bypass phone verify on twitter?

    Google voice numbers work so just make a Google voice account
  14. DanielRayMazeII

    Why are you not getting success online?

    All the above
  15. DanielRayMazeII

    Facebook book questions

    1.should I start page 2 best way to get my blogs reblogged.i live in a small town don't really know people my goal is to have contact with people beyond my city and around the globe . I like to talk about sex and news ,music politics art and other things Does have your profile verified...
  16. DanielRayMazeII

    Dumb question friend requests

    Well the problem with that the ones with girls all have links to just dating sites,porn sites I mean I have literally over378 request And most are like I said above I literally haven't added anyone Most accounts are from Europe Africa
  17. DanielRayMazeII

    Dumb question friend requests

    I only have my phone no pc 1 i get a lot of friend request on my Facebook but I don't know awayto see if these are ligit people . 2.Is the a way to find verified people on Facebook 3.i message people and get no response that's friend or request .is there a way to mass message people who...
  18. DanielRayMazeII

    New to this insta

    How did you grow your accounts to 10k?
  19. DanielRayMazeII

    free likes instagram to everyone!)

    Are these likes on every post or just1? Are they from real people? Don't you just need my a Instagram name?
  20. DanielRayMazeII

    Hi new

    Cool thanks for the friendly welcome Will do that ttruit661