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  1. Genie100

    Looking for someone to post links in High Authority websites - Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan etc.

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can publish articles with do follow and permanent backlinks in high authority websites. specifically fashion websites like the ones mentioned above and similar. Thanks!
  2. Genie100

    Looking for links from the following sites

    Do-follow permanent links -
  3. Genie100

    What tools are you using?

    Hi! What tools do you use to maintain your websites that you highly recommend? Obviously AHREFS, SEMRUSH. but what else? Tools for SEO, writing articles, grammar, analysis..... Thanks!
  4. Genie100

    Anyone heard about SEO agency called SEOFIED?

    I couldn't find anything about them here at BHW. Got an offer from them and trying to do some research. Thanks!
  5. Genie100

    Broken links method

    Hi community! I've been spending a lot of time looking for broken links in my niche. Sent many e-mails to webmasters and proposed my links instead. Of course same niche. Never got any response back. Not a single link. Does this method even work? Appreciate if you could share the websites that...
  6. Genie100

    Looking for recommended SEO service

    Hi, Appreciate any recommendation for a good SEO service. Someone that can analyze all aspects of a website SEO. identify issues and propose recommendations for improvement. I can run Screamingfrog myself. I can look at SMERUSH, MOZ, AHREF etc.... I'm not looking for these automatic high-level...
  7. Genie100

    Need Backlinks from high DA sites - Fashion / Style (popsugar, bustle, vogue...)

    Hello, I have a client with fashion website in need of high authority backlinks from big media websites like Vogue, Popsugar, Bustle, Cosmopolitan....) Let me know if you're able to provide this service, samples and prices. Thanks,
  8. Genie100

    Real time google rank tool

    Hi, What is the best tool out there for real time monitoring of google ranking? Thanks!
  9. Genie100

    Anyone familiar with website?

    I'm trying to remove spammy backlinks from there and cannot find any contact details. Thanks!
  10. Genie100

    Trying to understand how to rank

    Hi, Appreciate your feedback! I'm trying to understand what is more important and what less to be ranked higher and get more organic traffic. I compared the following websites: In red I've written the organic traffic for each one of them. From this small comparison, it can be seen that DA is...
  11. Genie100

    GSA links in 2019

    Hi, What are your thoughts on GSA backlinks in 2019? Good or bad? Thanks!
  12. Genie100

    How to find Influences? But good ones??

    Hi all, Back to the million dollars question.. How Do I find good influencers? I'm not talking about bloggers with 3000 IG followers and I'm not talking about bots with 1M fake IG followers. Real people with real followers. Everyone has a price tag. How do I get to celebrities and find out how...
  13. Genie100

    Tubmblr web bot

    Hi, Any recommendations for tumblr web based bot? I want to manage several tumblr accounts and do not want to mess with VPN's and proxy's. Thanks!
  14. Genie100

    "Bad" backlinks?

    Hi, What should I be looking in websites so that my backlink from them will be strong? DA, PA, Moz rank - ok. What else?? Are there bad backlinks? Could there be a bad backlink from a high authority website? Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
  15. Genie100


    Hi, I'm looking for Do-follow links from Hubpages. Anyone has an account and high score (more than 80)? Thanks!
  16. Genie100

    How to add keywords

    Hi, This might be a newbie question so please bear with me ;-) I'm researching my website against my competitors on SEMRUSH and I've found that the biggest difference between us is that they have thousands of keywords and I have 89.... Beside that they have thousands of organic entries per month...
  17. Genie100

    Broken backlinks automated tool

    Hi, I've been using the broken link building method manually and used the screaming frog tool. This process is very slow and time consuming. Is there a more automated process of doing that? Like a tool that finds broken links in my niche and automatically contacts the site admin or just runs...
  18. Genie100

    Fixing broken links

    Hi, Do you have any success with the fixing broken links method? I've been finding relevant broken links on other websites in my niche. Tried contacting them about it without success.... Did any of you had success with that or is it just another SEO myth? Thanks!
  19. Genie100

    Bypassing instagram website ban

    Hi, My IG and FB were block thanks to a pleasant competitors complaints.... Any way of bypassing that and relinking my website to a link that will not be blocked? Google and Bitly shortners are not working and blocked as well. Also tried the google blog method that didn't work. Appreciate your...
  20. Genie100

    Help! Facebook....

    Hi, Need your smart advice from all of you Facebook savvy.. I have an online business that I've been planning for the past 6 months. bought stock. and opened my online store about 1 month ago. I was trying to use any possible marketing tool to advertise it. I have paid adds in google, paid adds...