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  1. MrOusho

    Content Fish

    The ownership of this thread has been transferred to another user. For further information on the transfer please visit DD - 14th April 2021 Disclaimer: For transparency reasons, @MrOusho, @AlekhyaDas, @mylastvacation...
  2. MrOusho

    ~Penetrate your way to success~ --Tailor-made authority sites with 100 unique posts--

    Disclaimer: For transparency reasons, @MrOusho, @AlekhyaDas, @mylastvacation and @Jrim_Software all work together. Are you tired of being a homeless alcoholic? Are you sick of having to share your needles and sleeping arrangements with other homeless bums? Is it getting difficult standing...
  3. MrOusho

    [How-To] Configure catch-all email in cPanel hosting

    Hello! This is my first thread. I hope that it'll be useful for BHW community. What is catch-all? A catch-all filter will "catch all" of the emails addressed to the domain that do not exist in the mail server - this can help avoid losing emails due to misspelling. (source wikipedia) What do...
  4. MrOusho

    Ey! new/old guy presentation

    Hi everyone! I've registered a lot of time ago and I'm lurker. Now I'll try to participate. I'm developer. I use groovy and python for backend, vue for frontend. I want to say thanks to all of you for yours guides and post. Regards, MrOusho.