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  1. bdman

    How to write chat messages that convert

    horny men fall with anything. if you still want better text hire a writer.
  2. bdman

    Hey BHW I am atif munir

    You're in the right place Welcome to BHW
  3. bdman

    Mauricio Alejandro

    Hello dear, have a great day! Welcome to BHW
  4. bdman

    Does Upwork and Fiverr has major competitors?

    Everything is changing and New things are coming...
  5. bdman

    Do you guys donate?

    it is still hidden because I never said I donated I said we.
  6. bdman

    Do you guys donate?

    Yes and this the reason most of members are hidden in our org including me.
  7. bdman

    Best Browser Fingerprint Switcher?

    gologin (1-week trial ) adspower ( 2 browser free )
  8. bdman

    Do you guys donate?

    We have a local small charity organization un-official, we help people who can't organize their daughter's marriage, medical treatment, child school fees or clothes, etc.
  9. bdman

    What do you do when you're bored?

    I read the newspaper if more bored then pornhub
  10. bdman

    Cristiano Ronaldo snub wipes billions off Coca-Cola’s market value

    this is what BH people do find the loophole if he did it for social I respect him.
  11. bdman

    creating multi instagram accounts with 4G Proxies

    Create a proxy yourself that will cost you less than the current price and my friend test and test and test.
  12. bdman

    the question of where

    What about yourself
  13. bdman

    (HELP)What are Payoneer Alternatives to receive amazon Affiliate Comissions?

    does amazon allow withdrawals with a USA bank account?
  14. bdman

    (HELP)What are Payoneer Alternatives to receive amazon Affiliate Comissions?

    Create one using your family member info. problem solved.
  15. bdman

    Automated Tool

    the golden time is over my friend but you can still do it if you know what you doing.
  16. bdman


    pay the bill and make your country great
  17. bdman

    Opps Elon does it again Bitcoin prices up again.

    Who doing prediction on bitcoin. I feel sorry for them.
  18. bdman

    Shiba inu dying?

    are they cast-off the project?
  19. bdman

    Spamming twitter without getting shadow banned

    Use good IPs and warm up your account as much as possible and start slowly.
  20. bdman

    Do Paypal provides protection for buying Google Ads Account

    If the seller can provide enough evidence buyer will lose the case.