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  1. andyframpton

    El Salvador plans to make crypto-currency legal tender I do not know how this will effect anything as it such a small country. But it’s got it be good as it’s making crypto more main stream.
  2. andyframpton

    Customer loyalty.

    My Mcafee antivirus has run out so I got an email saying renew and save 22% so I go to their website and new customers get 88% off. So I am just opening a new account. Amazing that companies still try to do this and reward loyalty.
  3. andyframpton

    Chelsea v Leicester

    Today is the greatest domestic club cup competition in the world. The FA cup. It’s Chelsea v Leicester. What’s your prediction?
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    What’s your thoughts?

    A man in Australia was sentenced to 10 months for filming dying cops and mocking them as they lay there dying. Because he was held in prison he will be set free in a few days. He did not call for help and fled the scene. But equally he did not kill them...
  5. andyframpton

    For those who do not want to work from home.

    This looks like a tiny prison you rent to me.
  6. andyframpton

    Football club paid in bitcoins

    Just seen this. Southampton football club might pay player bonuses in BTC. Would you want payment like this?
  7. andyframpton

    Just missed out.

    Who else like me “just*” missed out on being on this list? *by billions.
  8. andyframpton

    Tonight football.

    So what is people predictions tonight for the two European games. Man City v Borussia Dortmund Real Madrid v Liverpool Both should be good games.
  9. andyframpton

    On the run That’s going to take some serious tracking down to get that many prisoners back.
  10. andyframpton

    Art is subjective.

    Art is very subjective and people show what they think of this.
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    This morning while having my breakfast I was having a cup of tea and dunking some biscuits and wondered what was everyone else’s preference. My favourite biscuit had the be the mighty bourbon biscuits. What’s yours?
  12. andyframpton

    Man loses 10 BTC in scam.

    This bloke sent 10 BTC in the Elon Musk doge coin scam. If things seem to good to be true they normally are.
  13. andyframpton

    What’s your plan for Valentine’s Day?

    What’s your plans for Valentine’s? I am single and in lockdown so I might have a quiet night in with Madame palm and her five daughters? Even when I was in a relationship I never celebrated this day. Anyone doing anything exciting? What’s your thoughts on this day?
  14. andyframpton

    Facebook JV.

    I am looking for someone to join me in my JV. You must have knowledge of Facebook groups. Must have a good grasp of the English language. You will have to be able to be online during GMT time zone. It is a simple JV it’s just because of time restraints on my part that I need a partner...
  15. andyframpton

    Stuck in two minds.

    Hello. I have a question and I am sure that you lot can help or push me in the right direction. I have a website which I sell items on but not a lot. Most of my sales are on eBay. But because eBay take such a cut I am trying to get more sale on my site. But sadly this is not my expertise. Also...
  16. andyframpton

    Receiving sms software for multi sim

    Hello. I hope someone can help me with this. I recently bought a 8 port multi sim modem and have loads of SIM cards. I need some software which will receive text from the phone number of the sim. I have tried a few program but they do not receive text or does not use the SIM card number. Is...
  17. andyframpton

    (JV) 1000's of UK real sims and multi sim modem

    I have 1000's of real UK sims and can get more as required. Also have a multi sim modem ready for use. Look for a joint venture. This must be on going and not a one off. PM me with any proposals.
  18. andyframpton

    looking for a way to auto post pictures.

    Hello, I am looking for a way to auto post pictures from a folder on my computer to my blog. I want every picture to be an individual blog. Does anyone have any ideas? I have checked here and the internet but nothing seems to do what I want. Thanks in advance.
  19. andyframpton

    What would you invest in?