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  1. SerpEvil

    PHP expert needed

    hi guys i am looking for a PHP expert. i need to improve my PHP site speed on google page speed insight. let me know if anyone can help. thx
  2. SerpEvil

    HQ Proxies that work on all high PR web 2.0 sites ?

    hello who sell dedicated proxies that work with all high pr websites like tumblr ,bravenet etc ? have some purchased but dont seem to work on these sites and i get all of them failed. thx
  3. SerpEvil

    FCS Networker still AROUND ?

    hi guys i was about to renew my subscription with them but wanted to check forum before doing that and just found their thread is now CLOSED. are u guys still using them ? are they still around? thx
  4. SerpEvil

    Need A Programmer

    hi I need a programmer who know how to integrate API on some of my domains. Post here or PM me . thank you
  5. SerpEvil

    Iphone users - Iphone 6 or Iphone 6 Plus ?

    hello guys i can't decide which one to buy , i know the iphone 6 is great and can be used with one hand ,but the biggest upgrate for me from iphone 5S would be iphone 6 plus,so i am asking how is feeling iphone 6 plus in hand? isn't too big,i saw it only on videos so far so i could not touch...
  6. SerpEvil

    Parallels Sucks - Other Solutions ?

    hi i am using parallels desktop 9 on my MAC to run windows,but his support system sucks a lot and i keep loosing internet connection on my virtual machine (windows 7 ) all the time,tried all the fucking settings ,still loosing connection very often and can't run any tools on it. any other...
  7. SerpEvil

    New Google Update ????

    hello guys anyone noticed a new google update? i think there was a google update that hit mostly 301 redirects.just had some ranked and all got hit.i see also a difference how those 301 redirects are indexed now. anyone can confirm anything about this or i am just paranoid ?
  8. SerpEvil

    yahoo phone verification needed !

    hi anyone can do a phone verification for 1 new yahoo account for me? Thank You .
  9. SerpEvil

    What proxy scraper you are using ?

    hi i am using now proxymultiply , proxygoblin ,and no hands proxies but looks like i get very low # of sites scraped with gscraper ,using those proxies,around 800-1500/min. is there a better proxy scraper?
  10. SerpEvil

    Question about re-captcha solving

    hello guys today i bought a service that should solve re-captcha OCR (something like spamvilla) and i see lots of them get green on CB but only first word is correct on 95% of them. i read some posts here made by some service sellers (of this kind),that are saying if first word is correct then...
  11. SerpEvil

    AskMeBot ????

    is this doing anything?i think to cancel my subscription just because i think is not solving any answers.what is your experience with this one guys,is working for you?
  12. SerpEvil

    MegaOCR or Spamvilla ?

    hi guys i have captcha breaker but i need more re-captcha solved that captcha breaker can solve.which one is better for re-captcha , MEGAOCR or Spamvilla? which one works best for you? i use also decaptcher but is pretty expensive for long run as long i use GSA 24/7 . thx .
  13. SerpEvil

    Clyde softwares not working !!!! looking at that thread nobody can use anymore the tools that he paid for.i have also bought their tools and no one of them are working anymore even they are paid life time. he is...
  14. SerpEvil

    1000 Posts Thread - Thank You ALL

    hello guys today i just reached 1000 posts and i am pretty happy. when i joined this forum i was already ranking sites but now thx to BHW i improved a lot my tactics and i learned lot's of new things and i keep learning. i am in adult business since 2006 and still going strong ,got hit by...
  15. SerpEvil

    site hacked ? first period with $0 earnings in last 12 months

    hello i said on another thread that 5 sites of mine all with returning members that made purchases for over 1 year every period just stopped buying on all 5 sites this period and all sites show $0 earnings. when i searched on google for instead of getting my site listed first (can...
  16. SerpEvil

    taking down facebook page ?

    is there a way to get down a facebook page where the owner post copyright images? is enough to report that page for this reason or facebook allow every loser to post on his page everything he is finding on the net?
  17. SerpEvil

    why yahoo is displaying so many bullshits?

    i clicked a link from and i was redirected here what is so fukcing funny is this pic from the page i posted above those guys at least don't know how to make a FAKE pic...
  18. SerpEvil

    ATTENTION !!! Avoid Being Scammed By (BHS Solutions)

    There is my story with them. After promoting their service and sent them few customers they refuse to pay my commission after many request withdrawals and after lots of skype chats they just try to bullshit me and just refuse to pay my commission ,not a lot,but enough to get me mad ,not cos...
  19. SerpEvil

    WTF is this ?

    what the fuck is this,i search for my and first result is and my home page is nowhere,when i search for i can see all pages indexed but home page is gone and it's looks like the above link is counted as my home page. i...
  20. SerpEvil

    Right section for threads ?

    where is the right section for posting a thread about an affiliate that isn't paying?i know shitlist but this shitty thing i promote do not have a sale thread on this forum,so ,i think shit list isn't the right section.where i can post it?